Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well Appreciated

I just came home from a 3 hour long exam in Marketing Management and this is what greeted me when I entered the house.  

Cruchy Sesame Peanuts!  

It's one of my favorites.  I love it.  Now who would want to leave home when you're this well-taken cared of right?  I don't normally like it when I'm being treated like a baby but I guess tonight is an exception and all along maybe it's what I really want deep down inside.  I may never be this appreciative again, or it might take a long while before this happens again, so I'm gonna just write it down and say "Thank You Ma! Thank You Pa!"  You guys always think of me and I seldom show you my appreciation.  Might as well say Happy Mother's and Father's day in advance! hehehe (^o^)/

Tomorrow will be my Managerial Statistics exam.  After that, will be my Financial Management exam.  And the day after that will be Production Management.  And finally on Saturday will be the most dreaded exam in Strategic Management! After a week of agonizing and energy-draining exams, it's no wonder why most students fail the first time they take this.  Anybody would have to be superman just to survive this week!  And thinking of the 37 paged case study that our professor is planning on giving us, just makes you lose your spirit.  I think it will take me 2 hours just to read and analyze that.  That leaves me maybe just an hour or so to finish my written analysis of a case.

"There will always be a first time."  There will always be Outliers!  With the school jokes running around, most students already view this sentence negatively.  I however, choose to view it positively.  I will be that Outlier!  I will be that statistical anomaly!  Not on the left, not on the middle, but way to the right of the curve - way above the mean! (^o-)v

And the reason for my success will be .....         will be .....

... these very delectable crunchy sesame peanuts!  Let me worry about the pimples next week!

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  1. oh my that's a lot of exams! and the subjects - they don't sound fun! good luck!

  2. thanks Charm!

    yeah, I couldn't believe that they scheduled the exams this way. but I guess it's better than having to take 2 in a day. hehehe ^^

  3. brain food!!! :) nag work ba? hehe

  4. hopefully! results won't be out 'til after holy week. Alanganin 1 subject the last one. hehehe.

    psst... when should we pay Travel factor? baka kasi magastos ko-wala na ako pambayad hahaha.


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