Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hacked Into Someone else's Internet Connection

I'm so happy with what I accomplished today! I found two new wireless internet connections at home.  One is an unsecured connection and the other is a secured one.  Yes, I successfully hacked my way into somebody else's internet connection!  Some people are so predictable hehehe (^o^)/

Too bad the signal doesn't reach as far as my bedroom.  I have to stay outside at the terrace to get the signal - but it's very strong and the connection is considerably fast! woohoo!  But what good is more than one internet connection, right?  Well, if you have more than one PC then you can use separate connections to browse the internet.  This way you can have one dedicated PC for downloading alone, maximize the bandwidth of that connection. (^o^)/  And another advantage is when there's something wrong with your own connection, you can try the others and see if you can connect through them. Well, not really a significant advantage for me right now but I'm just loving the fact that I was able to guess somebody else's password. he he he he

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