Monday, March 15, 2010

A Taste of India - Bhujiya

I have a well-developed sense of taste.  Simply put, I have a WEIRD taste.  I eat almost anything!  Given enough time and trials, I can put anything in my mouth and not throw up.  Well, maybe not really hehehe (^o^)/  I still do get grossed out.  It's just that it has become a habit of mine to try everything there is to try.  And comparing myself to the average Filipino, I believe I can take in more types of food.  Just to give you a few examples, I have tasted raw horse meat or popularly called as "Basashi" in Japan.  I have tasted Kangaroo steak in Australia.  I've grown fond of some varieties of "natto" which are very smelly but very nutritious fermented soy beans in Japan.  And, I personally love curry!  Even Indian curry which quite a few of you probably despise as well because of the smell.

It's hard to find Indian curry dishes in the Philippines.  There are not that many restaurants that serve them.  And when i go out with my parents to eat, I definitely can't take them to one!  I can still remember our Taj Minar experience!  My mom barely ate and my dad was barely able to push down a couple of spoonfuls.  Maybe because he was hungry but more likely because he was living up to what he always answers when asked what he wants to eat - "chin tsai" (which means "anything" in fookien) hehehe (^o^)/

And so I was so pleased to receive a pack of Bhujiya!  I think it's pronounced as "buhiya."  I didn't know what it was at first but the taste was magnificent.  Everything Incredible India has to offer in one small pack.  It was a mixture of nuts, dried fruits, rice crispies, and seeds flavored in Indian curry!  It was like eating nuts and Cheetos in curry flavor.  Bite into the seeds and your mouth will be full of aroma and flavor that is so uniquely India.  My only complain is that I would have wanted the rice crispies to be much bigger, maybe nut-size, so that they're easier to pick.  Although one can always use a spoon to help in this matter, nothing beats eating it with your bare hands and licking your fingers afterward for that one last taste of curry! 

To my Singapore friends, I'm sure it's available there!  I dare you try it!  And bring some back home for me (^o^)/

To my friend who introduced me to Bhujiya, thank you!  You will always be in my hard-drive (^o^)/  I can't wait to try all those other things you gave me as well.  


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  1. i love indian food also! buti na lang stan does din. i haven't tried taking naima to one but i don't think she'll complain. she likes yogurt and eats hummus. but i think i will pass on raw horse meat! where is that resto? davao ba?

  2. Hi Jen! Taj Minar is at Damosa Complex - small servings and pricey. A friend of mine who's well acquainted with Indian curry said that it's not worth it. I had a taste - it was ok but don't try the fish curry ever! malangsa - but the owner kept insisting there was tanginess there hehehe. (well i guess, citrus is not enough to remove all the langsa hihihi)

    Good early training for Naima! I think she's the only asian kid to have ever tasted hummus this early. hehehe Actually it's a good idea to expose kids to different cuisines! para hindi mapili paglaki. hehehe

  3. indian restos are starting to sprout here too. that's where we had the mango lassi, yummy!

  4. @freeze
    how's the price? it was open at midnight? hehehe ^^

    post correction - My friend said you're supposed to pronounce the J in Bhujiya so i guess it's "Boo-gee-yah"


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