Sunday, March 14, 2010

Of Frozen Yogurts and Coffee Cats

Are you a coffee cat?  First time I see the name the term "copy cat" came right into mind.  Who can forget Sharon Cuneta's famous movie line "You're nothing but a second rate trying hard copy cat!" (^o^)/ 

Coffee Cat is one of the latest coffee shops to open here in Davao.  I'm loving the word play.  But one also has to wonder if this coffee shop will turn out to be just another copy cat.  

I haven't had the chance to taste their coffee until recently.  Every time I enter a new coffee shop, I always order Mocha!  It's how I gauge coffee.  Before, I always ordered the ice-blended variety (blame it on Starbucks' Mocha Frappuccino), but now I seem to prefer hot drinks already.  It must be the age.  And so I tried their Cafe Mocha.  I have to say it's one of the best I've tried here in Davao!  All it took was one sip!  I loved the flavor.  I looked towards the counter and for the first time noticed a red sign with the letters "illy" written on it.  They use illy coffee beans!  I believe these are from Italy.  It reminded me of another coffee shop I liked in Cebu, Postrio.

Although the coffee was very inviting, the first time I set foot on the store, I actually ordered something else.  I ordered Frozen Yogurt! It has finally made its way to Davao!  I'm so happy!  Even my Nepalese friend was so excited to see one.  And tonight, I ordered my third cup. I paired it with strawberry-flavored mochi!  It was like eating Mochi ice cream - another thing made in Japan that you must try. ^^  I got another cup for my mom, I thought the sourness of the yogurt might turn her off but she was actually impressed as well.  

Frozen Yogurt is a great substitute for ice cream.  However, I'm not really sure if it's as guiltless as it claims to be. hehehe  (I'm trying to be careful now as I'm trying to lose weight just in time for the summer season.) (^o^)/ 

A small cup of frozen yogurt from Coffee Cat costs 80 pesos.  About the same price as the ones in Manila.  It's definitely a bit expensive for the Davao market.  I hope it stays and other frozen yogurt stalls should follow.

Look at their take out carrier ... I think it's ingenious ^^

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  1. I love the word play. However, searching the net actually gives you a lot of results for "coffee cat". And some of it are names for coffee shops as well! Makes you wonder who's the copy cat.

  2. wow!! finally, frozen yogurt in davao!! dito super dami nang choices!! my current fave is golden spoon :D

  3. @Jenny
    I see your reply and I see N's picture as the profile pic - it made me smile hehehe ^^

    I've heard of Golden Spoon but I've never tried it. It was featured in last Sunday's Inquirer Magazine. I forgot the exact term they used pero parang it's for 'purist' daw - those that want to eat it plain without any toppings ^^

    O nga dami na dyan. I've tried FroYo and Lulubelle(?).

  4. I love coffeecat's yogo frozen yogurt. i love their taro and strawberry mochi toppings.

  5. Hi dianne!

    I haven't tried their Taro mochi topping. Maybe next time.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Their froyo is a lot better than RED Mango, which was really surprising! :)

  7. Hi JoTan23

    Thanks for dropping by.
    I believe Red Mango has a different appeal and approach to the FroYo concept. Each has it's own strengths and weaknesses ^^

  8. kaila nimo owners? they just opened here. yummy yogurt but i had a poor choice of topping - the fresh strawberries tastes like jam :( but the butterfinger is a given :)
    i didn't see any mochi!

  9. Their yogurt actually just tastes like Yogurt to go - kana sa SM hehehe. Pero yummy bitaw, my cousins know the owners, ako, i'm not good at knowing people (and memorizing geography) so dili hehehe

    In Davao, they don't display the mochi pud ata kasi dali daw madaot ... it's placed inside the cooler/ref so dili readily visible although there should be a label that's visible.


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