Friday, July 10, 2009

Money in Blogging + Western Union

After earning my first $100 dollars through blogging, it took Google a month to confirm it but thanks to Western Union's Quick Cash option, I was able to get the money right away!  It only took 5 minutes of my time to sign up the form and receive my first paycheck from Google.  Before Western Union was made available, other bloggers said that it took weeks before the money was transferred in their bank accounts.  Thank God for Western Union!  It you are receiving your paycheck from Google soon, make sure to choose Western Union as your payment option.  

As for making money through blogging, my monthly  average has doubled! Yehey!  From $10 a month, now I average at $20 a month!  Very encouraging for me to continue blogging and earning from it.  I'm sharing this so that you will be encouraged as well.  

After receiving their first $100 paycheck, other bloggers have averaged $30 a month!  So mine is not yet up to par but it's getting there.   Hopefully I would be able to blog about this again in a couple of months time. (^o^)/     Happy earning through blogging to everyone!

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  1. Hmm. Paano ba kumita? Pakisilip nga ang akin.

    May tips ba. Kelangan ko ding kumita.

  2. Hi G Bulags!

    Saw your site. You've got a lot of nice pictures and videos on it ^^ I suggest you write descriptions for those. I think you'll be able to attract more Ads and traffic by doing so. It's got something to do with the software that google uses. ^^ Try surrounding your site with adsense as well. I saw your site and it only had 1 google ad. Lastly, market your site. It's the next most important step after providing good content ^^ Hope this helps. good luck!

    You can check out this site for more tips ^^
    Free Online Marketing Tips and Strategies

  3. steph, buy na your own domain and hosting. with SEO, you can earn far more than your current online earnings. the niche you're in, they say, is very profitable.

  4. hi novs! i don't know, not ready pa. ^^ it's profitable bitaw. i don't know though if it will really double if I get my own domain .. right now, it's profitable enough for me. I think what matters more is the database of information that you create and not having your own domain. Maybe the domain thing only to attract more readers and also a little bit more flexibility when it comes to SEO etc. ^^

    I average this month fell. Must be because I've only posted 4 posts so far. Usually I post around 8.

  5. maau pa ka... naka-earn naka from Google. Ako, 3 years na sa akong blog ang adsense.. pero 20 dollars pa lang ghapon! Then karon, I have to close my current adsense account para mausab nako ang country. Bye by 20 dollars! haha

  6. Hi Shie!

    This blog didn't contribute much as well. mga 20 dollars lang pud guro in 3 years. It was really my other blogs on personal finance and entrepreneurship that were raking in the money ^^

    talaga? you had to create a new account just to change country?


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