Sunday, May 03, 2009

First $100 from Google | Earn Money Online

Woohoo!  April 30, 2009 marks the day when my Google Adsense earnings reached 100 dollars!  Regardless of what others might tell you, it really wasn't that easy! ^^ 

I started blogging August 2006.  That was 3 years ago!  And I've set up my ads ever since.  If you can be strict about it, that means, it took me 3 years to get this far!  However, that doesn't represent the whole truth.   About 90 percent of this earning only came the last 9 months.  It was only in August 2008 when I became more serious and considered niche blogging to earn more online.  That was when I started earning an average of $10 a month.  Now, I'm getting into SEO blogging as well.  I hope my monthly income would spike to $100 a month!  100 is the key number because Google Adsense only pays you once you've reached this mark.

Considering what other bloggers have been able to buy through blogging (LCD TVs, Cars, House and Lots), $100 a month is certainly attainable.  I wish one day I can also say that I bought a house and lot through blogging alone.  hehehe (^o^)/

If you're interested in knowing what kind of niche blogging I've been doing, visit the following sites:

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  1. thanks chepot!
    thanks samsul ^^

  2. wow step!!! congratulamations!! :D here's to the next couple of $100's.. more zeroes please :D

  3. thanks jen ^^ sana nga *fingers crossed* ^^


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