Monday, May 04, 2009

Ako Mismo

What will you do to help the Philippines?
Send in your pledges now.  Go to Ako Mismo.

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  1. i knew it you're gonna post this! haha what was it about?

  2. about what you yourself will do for the Philippines. AKO MISMO ...

  3. i see. have you read the news today? Front page of the inquirer suspects this could be a phishing site (read the fine print), a political campaign...

  4. oo, the following day meron agad lumabas from blogs all over. kaya naging news. pero I don't think it is.

    It's sponsored by SMART. If they wanted to collect info they can do that through their cellphone subscribers. (30 million ++)

    one friend said that it's similar to the 'I pledge' campaign in the states ata, not sure coz i haven't heard of it. If they say "gumagaya" mas kapanipaniwala pa. hehehe

    people should start looking into the motives of those who write about this as well ... after all, gossip is still the best online marketing tool. hehehe


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