Saturday, July 18, 2009

Office Zoo

My current workplace can definitely be like a zoo sometimes.  In our busiest days, a lot of people can be seen walking in and out, strolling past my station every now and then.  Not to mention the occasional shouts from one end to the other.  

But this post is totally not about that.  What I meant by the title was literally a zoo in our office.  An animal zoo that is.  I want to share it with you guys. We believe that they bring a certain amount of luck in our business.  Check out the picture taken from my Sony Ericsson T700 phone (SE T700).  Continue reading this post to view the picture.

hahaha (^o^)/  The collection's around halfway complete.  There are a total of 12 chinese zodiac signs.  Most of it were bought during new years.  Some were given by friends.  Others are souvenirs from abroad.   They make very good paper weights!  Waaaah! I forgot to include my favorite Horse in the picture.  

Some of the animals shown here are actually not part of the chinese zodiac.  Would you be able to tell which ones are the extras? ^^

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  1. must be the one inbetween the piggy and the rooster? i can't even tell what it is!

  2. hahaha ^^ yup! it's one of them.
    I think it's suppose to be a whale hihihi ^^

  3. OMG you're so chinese! lol almost half of that isn't part of the 12 zodiac hehe

  4. @freeze

    hindi ah. more than half is part of the chinese zodiac ^^ only 3 are not part of it ^^

  5. right! binaliktad mo lang sinabi ko. hehehe


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