Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Secrets to Happiness - Part 4

Secrets to Happiness Part 4

In part 3 of this series, we learned that very few people are happy because of fear.  In this final section, Bo shares how we can overcome those fears. 

The Only Antidote to Fear Is...
By: Bo Sanchez

Twenty years ago, a friend gave me a book about facing fears.  My arrogant response to her: "Thanks for the book.  But frankly, I don't think I need it.  I don't know why, but fear isn't a problem for me.  I don't have any fears."

Ten years later, I ate my words.

Because after a deep soul search, I realized how my life was run by many fears.  Many of the things I was doing I did because of fear!  I feared what other people said about me.  I feared failure.  I feared angry people.  I feared of not having enough.  I feared of not being enough.  

In my life, I've discovered that there is only one thing that can overcome fear.  There is only one thing that is more powerful than fear.  

The only antidote to fear is LOVE.

When you fill your life with love, your fears naturally disappears.  I'm talking about a love for God, a love for others, a love for yourself, and a love for life itself.  The Bible says, Perfect love casts our all fear, and I totally believe it.
In fact, remember the 7 Tools of Happiness I listed above? (Part 2)  Every single one of them is really a facet of love - and each tool can drive away a specific fear in your life.  Once your fears are gone, happiness will flood your soul.


And so we are back at LOVE!  It seems to be the key to everything!  Not only is it the main ingredient to overcoming your fears and being happy but also the secret to completing your soul!

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  1. sunjun, i enjoyed reading these articles about happiness. i agree with bo. and i like reading one of his blogsites,

    cheers to happiness and may you always be happy too!

  2. im glad you liked it ellecul! ^^
    stay happy! ^^

  3. this should be a good read too:



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