Sunday, March 01, 2009

Complete Your Soul

"I'm not frightened.
I'm not frightened of anything.
The more I sufffer, the more I love.
Danger will only increase my love.
It will sharpen it. It will give it spice.
It'll be the only angel that you need.
You will leave life only more beautiful
when you entered it.
Heaven will take you back and look at you
and say:

Only one thing will make a soul complete
and that thing is LOVE."

Narrated by
Michage Berg from the movie, The Reader

This goes specially to my friend, Enrico of Pangan Thoughts ( And mind you, it doesn't have to be romantic love hehehe ^^


After watching the movie (The Reader), I now understand why Hugh Jackman portrayed the movie as such at the opening of the Oscar Awards! I really thought that he hasn't seen the movie. hahaha (^o^)/

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  1. Wow! A blog especially for me! Hahaha!

  2. hahaha ^^ naalala lang kita kasi sabi mo may "kulang" pa. ^^

  3. i've read the book 8 years ago! Out of the very few books that i've read in my life, this is so far the only one that really struck me and i still think about. I don't know if i want to watch the movie.

  4. Watch the movie!
    Very touching and lingaw ^^


Thank you.

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