Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Happiest Man Alive (Weddings in Cebu)

Have you heard the groom laugh out loud, creating echoes across the church, during his wedding day? I just did! Last October 5, friends M & M finally got married! I maybe exaggerating a bit with the echoes but you can look at the picture and see for yourself how happy the groom is. I was lucky enough to turn at the right moment with my cam and capture the moment. In the picture with the groom is his family, obviously, sharing the happiness in this wonderful and joyful moment. (^o^)/

Although the couple started out stealing "holding hands" moment underneath table tops, the couple now openly profess their love for each other. The groom professing just days before that this will be the greatest gift ever for his birthday which just happens to be the day before his wedding. And on the wedding reception, he surprised the bride with a song number! He's the happiest and most relaxed groom I've seen. I'm sure everyone in the reception felt their love for each other.

Congratulations M & M!


The ceremony was held at the Sacred Heart Parish in Cebu. The church is now fully airconditioned and comes with the floral arrangement. Reception followed at the Grand Convention Center.


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  1. post on multiply naman please... :)

  2. why are they laughing here? can't remember.. wala tayo pictures together!!

  3. @crazydigger

    it was at the start pa lang. I think one ninong made a comment or gesture that made them all laugh.
    Hindi natin nakita kasi you were still at the back and I was looking at the people about to march pa ^^ pero timing lang was able to look back in time to take a picture. ^^

    yup, wala tayo picture together.


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