Friday, October 17, 2008

Another SMILEstone

October 12 was guama's (grandma) birthday. It was a chance for me to bring a dish to offer to her and the rest of the family. Usually, the feast would involve staples like pancit (chinese noodles), lechon, stir-fry vegetables, siopao, and chinese lumpia. This time my mom and I decided to go against the usual and change the menu we bring. She still prepared her signature pancit but she used sotanghon (vermicelli) this time and added Ngo-kong soup (Soup no. 5) to her menu. I prepared Food for the Gods for dessert.

At the end of the feast, my dessert was wiped out! Everyone wanted to try it as this was my first time to bring any kind of food I prepared myself. I have a secret though on how to sell a dish so that it will be eaten clean during gatherings which I will share at the end of the post. Some of my relatives found it too sweet but generally, I think most liked it.

Other relatives may have thought the same as me and my mom as the usual siopao and chinese lumpia were not present this time! In replacement, a vegetarian macaroni dish and maja blanca was added to the menu. (^o^)/

This is another SMileStone for me here in Davao. Next, I look forward to preparing something for my guakong (grandpa) on his death anniversary on the 23rd. I'm thinking of bringing brownies this time but I haven't perfected the recipe yet. Hopefully, I'll be able to make it in time.

As for my secret, it's really simple. You'll be dumbfounded once you read about it. If you want people to finish off any dish you bring, the key is ... (drumrolls please) to make it appear really appetising and bring only a few amount so that people will be scrambling for it! hehehe (^o^)/ With the limited size of my oven, I can prepare only 16 bars at a time. Certainly not plenty enough for a family with the size like ours. (^0^)v

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  1. daya man na imo tip. hehe
    your guama must be 90ish? long life! :)

  2. @freeze

    my guama is no longer with us as well. However, we still celebrate her bday. (My sister commented that people would think she's still alive hehehe ^^ tama jud sya)

    btw, wala ko ka gets sa imo mga emo-emo oi hehehe.

  3. huh? ako nag emo-emo? wa man; PM na lang.

  4. its been ages since i've heard the terms guama and guakong. brings back a lot of childhood memories :D

    pareho man siguro atong ga-practice na chinese traditions. in my family too, although my grandparents have passed away, we still celebrate their bdays just like when they were with us :D

  5. hello shirls!

    nice to hear from you again. ^^
    yup, i think it's the same. I don't know if it's compulsory though ^^

    well, it's one of the few occasions where everyone in the family can gather together for a quick chat and meal. ^^ although lately madami na wala kasi busy or are not here in Davao ^^


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