Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whew! I got it!

I got it! SP Jain is offering me a full scholarship for their GMBA (Global MBA) program! Classes will start on December 13 for the Dubai campus and December 16 for the Singapore Campus. Each student will study 6 months in each campus. As to where you will be assigned first will depend on the specialization that you choose. (^o^)/ I have opted for a specialization in Retail Marketing.

Happy as I am of being accepted, I had to turn down the offer. Although they didn't say it explicitly, I got the feeling that my parents want me here in Davao. My sister said that it was a waste of time. A friend said I have to reevaluate my priorities and that I just did. Somehow, going away for another year for my MBA feels like a postponement of my goals (although still quite vague at this time hehehe ^^). For now I'll have to contend myself with the so-so education I am getting from Ateneo de Davao University.

The good news is SP Jain is still looking for scholars! And they have asked me for referrals. If you are interested please email me by tomorrow, October 23, 2008, at sunjun(seven)(nine) (^O^)/


SP Jain is offering a full tuition scholarship amounting to around $20,000 (USD). You'll only need to pay around $10,000 (USD) for lodging, visas, and books. Coming up with the $10,000 is still hard but SP Jain can arrange a financing scheme for you. They have asked me to pay only 50% as downpayment and then later pay the remaining balance upon graduation. They are confident that you will be able to pay them back because so far they have 100% placement with their graduates. Average salary offer for their graduates was at around $40,000 (USD). For more information, visit their site at


This would have been a good stepping stone for a career change for me but I'll have to pass it up for now. In the meantime, I am looking at applying for another scholarship which will just take 3 months and the program won't have to start until late next year.

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  1. wow! congratulations! mukhang gusto ko rin yata yan ah.

    will check their site. hehehe.

  2. sayang! but ya, your friend is right, it's high time you set your priorities and fullfil them.

  3. @enrico

    I can refer you if you want ^^


    "high time" talaga ha. hehehe ^^
    btaw, i'm really torn. I really want to go but I want to stay as well. This would have been a good career change plus vacation. If I didn't have to pay for lodging as well baka I would have taken it coz then I can go home whenever i want ^^

    isa pang concern ko is that ang estudyante sa skwelahan nila ay mostly taga-india. ndi ganun kadali intindihin ang language tapos ang culture pa talaga. mas-ok sana kung may kasabay. I've heard though from one of my teachers here that Indians are very smart and inquisitive.

  4. way to go, steph!

    i'm confident you'll attain whatever it is you want.

  5. haha ok na yan stephen kasi mamatay ka naman sa baho sa classmates mo... hihihi...

  6. @shirls

    thanks shirls.


    mismo! hehehe ^^ pero nakasubok na ako nyan before. may kasama kami dalawa sa training before sa japan. ok naman. i don't mind it so much. mahilig din kasi ako sa curry hehehe.

  7. galing naman! congratulations!
    naku, can relate ako sa iyong torn feeling - whether be away from the family or not yet, pero iba naman yun case ko din hehe...

    anyway, i bet you can find another scholarship that fits your criteria :) good luck!

  8. congrats step.. pero if i were in your shoes and didn't have naima, i probably would be off to dubai/singapore. hehe.. i want that monbunsho (?) scholarship nga.. but oh well.. naima naima naima :D

  9. @ellecul

    I've been away for most of my adult life na din kasi and I have to start thinking about where I really wanna settle for good ^^


    ahem ... yeah ... but i heard you also answered that your dream in life is to be a mom? hehehe ^^

    Actually, I really want to go as well for the education, the time alone again, the independence, the traveling opps, meeting international friends, life on campus, and many other reasons. But somehow other priorities will have to come first for now. Sige nalang, I'm still 29, I have more more years to do all those things If I really want to.

    As for my travel fixes, my sister's year end company trip and my occasional wow philippines trips takes care of that. We'll see nalang, opportunity may knock only once but so far I've been lucky enough to receive quite a few knocks every now and then. (^o^)/

    Monbusho Scholarship ^^ short for Mongakubu-sho which is the ministry of Education in japanese. ^^

    Mostly ang binibigyan nun ay mga government employees and I heard they prioritize those in their mid 30s kasi may age limit ata yung scholarship. Yan ang rinig ko from my friends who were scholars in Japan. Pero meron din naman mga bata na scholars ^^ Ang maganda pa niyan is once you are there na, it's easier to apply for continuing education scholarship like if you want to pursue a PhD after your masteral course ^^

  10. congrats Steph! ^-^
    nindot unta na opportunity sa...

  11. @shiera

    thanks! sige lang naa pa lagi na lain ma.abot ^^

  12. and I thought I'll be seeing you frolicking in the beaches of Dubai soon!!


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