Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Davao Great Finds: Yurushi Japanese Restaurant

Just when I was blogging about Tonkatsu (fried breaded pork) and how I've been longing for Japanese cuisine lately, comes a great find in the city of Davao! Yurushi, located at corner Suzao street and Uyanguren, is here to serve the Davaoeños affordable Japanese food! Now anyone can get Tonkatsu, Katsudon (Breaded porkchop topping), and Gyuudon (Beef strips topping) for only 57 pesos! Not only is the food affordable, but it actually tastes very authentic. Must be because it is personally prepared by their Japanese cook. I've tasted their Tonkatsu and Katsudon meals and I wasn't disappointed. This is truly a great find and I'm adding it to my list of great Davao City restaurants. (Good authentic food at an affordable price)

A problem you may have with the place is that it looks like a carinderia (local canteen). Despite being one, the place is really clean and well maintained. If you go upstairs, you'll be surprised to know that the place is airconditioned and even has a coin operated karaoke machine that the whole gang can enjoy! So start saving up those 5 peso coins so you can sing your hearts out! (I haven't checked out the comfort rooms (toilet) yet.)

A funny thing I noticed is the name. Yurushi in English actually means "forgiveness." I wonder why they named it that way. My guess is it's suppose to be Yoroshii which means "good" but with the native slang, with the not so flexible tongue, made the name sound like how it is spelled now. (The next time I'm there I'll try to muster enough courage to ask the owners and maybe even practice my Japanese. (^^;))

This restaurant is truly a great find, perfect for our after (MBA) class meals. The next time you find yourself craving to try something new, head to this restaurant, try their Tonkatsu or Katsudon and feel like a winner.

They also have Chahan (Japanese style fried rice) in their menu. Fresh fruit shakes, like Mango, are priced at 14 pesos for 8 ounce servings. Softdrinks (8 oz., served in bottles) are priced at 13 pesos each.
(WINNER Tonkatsu meal with cabbage salad topped with Japanese style mayonnaise)

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  1. i guess you like not just tonkatsu but anything fried pork. hehe

  2. yup, i like all kinds of fried pork ^^

    but tonkatsu is also very good. especially if you eat it with tare and mustard. But eating it with mayonnaise is not bad din. ^^

  3. mmmm, sounds good!! ^_^ where exactly is suazo st? any landmarks to watch out for? im familiar with uyanguren.. thanks!

  4. Hi Issa!

    Thanks for dropping by.
    I think it's beside Panaderia in Ramon Magsaysay (Uyanguren). AMESCO bldg. is also at corner Suazo st., and it's before reaching Metrobank if you're coming from NCCC.

  5. Mmmm....Looks delicious. Might as well try their food there.

  6. @thelly

    they changed the mayo to thousand island dressing! huhuhu :(
    but anyway, it's still value for money ^^

  7. what time do they usually open and closes? is it monday to friday?
    Do they have contact numbers? Thanks

  8. Hi! we usually go there at night. They are open until late hours (10pm++). I'm sorry I don't have their contact nos. It's a very small restaurant. Might be best to go dinner time because the Uyanguren area can get really jammed during working hours.

    I think they are open for lunch as well. And we've also gone there on a saturday. ^^

  9. oh great. thank you. :)


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