Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Own Restaurant

Owning a restaurant of my own is definitely on my bucket list. And the vision that I want for my restaurant was beautifully portrayed in the Japanese drama series "Lunch Queen." Although making a profit is part of any business, I do not want my restaurant to be profit-oriented. My vision would be concentrated on making good food that can bring a smile to any diner, uplift their spirit, and even bring back good old memories. Knowing that people would actually look forward to eating in my restaurant and overhearing diners praising the food will be more than enough reward for me. It will be my way of repaying the culinary world for all the good food I have tasted and the joy it brought in my life. (Like yesterday I got treated to a sumptuous meal of Angus beef T-bone steak with Au Jus sauce and tonight I tasted my first Wagyuu beef yakiniku style.)

Going back to my experience in Japan, I remember longing for that Tonkatsu (breaded pork loin) set meal from a restaurant by the bus station near the office. Whenever I feel down and I feel the need to energize, I knew I can always count on that restaurant to lift my spirits up with their excellent Tonkatsu set meal. I loved my Tonkatsu served with a dash of mustard and lots of Tonkatsu sauce to go with it. I also remember loving Tonkatsu with curry that even until now I crave for it. So occassionaly I would go to Rai-Rai Ken just to order Tonkatsu curry. It's the only place in Cebu and Davao that I could find Japanese curry on the menu. In Manila, I remember ordering the same meal in UCC Cafe at the Mall of Asia. The one in UCC tasted closer to the ones I had in Japan but both restaurants serve excellent Japanese-style curry.

It so happens that the word "katsu" in Japanese also means "to win." With a play of words (which is another Japanese thing that I really love), one can then say "Katsu o tabete, jinsei ni katsu," to mean "Eat katsu and win in life!" How cool is that?! And it is exactly what I want my food to be - food that makes you feel like a winner!

In order to make my dream restaurant, I can either avail of a cash advance loan or take the offer of my uncle who wants to partner with me. However, I feel that now is not yet the right time. Hopefully in 3 to 5 years time. (^o^)/

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  1. I love japanese food too! Sama mo dapat ako when u go to rairaiken hehehe :) lapit ba bday ko.. hahaha :) hmmm.. maybe cheesecake as a gift? lol until now I am still craving for your cheesecake.. and now i have a reason to ask you for one! hahahaha :)

  2. kapag nanlibre ka, maybe I'll make one for you hahaha. ^^

  3. ano ba yan! bad ka talaga.. alam mo ba now na dapat ang celebrant na ang nililibre?

  4. sa japan at canada lang yan uso oi hehehe andito ka sa pinas ^^


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