Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Papa's 1st and 70th Birthday!

Last sunday, September 29, we celebrated Papa's FIRST and 70th birthday!

In my almost 30 years of existence, this is the only time I remember celebrating Papa's birthday. I do remember my sister sending a birthday cake for papa on a fictional birth date I saw in his passport. This time around though, earlier this year, I was finally able to coerce him into saying his actual birthday based on the chinese (lunar) calendar. And our aunts and uncles, his siblings, confirmed his age.

Surprisingly though, when your birthday is based on the lunar calendar, there are years where in your day might just be skipped! That's what happened to my dad's birthday this year so we had to contend with celebrating it a day earlier. Hopefully next year we can celebrate it on the actual date itself. (^o^)v Already looking forward to it.

Wow! Papa is already 70. I can't believe it.

Although i didn't notice it at all during the time we shot this picture but is that just sweat in his eyes or do I see tears? I hope papa is happy. (^o^)/

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  1. aww, you made your Papa happy. :D

  2. halos same age lang pala papa natin.. u skipped one year din? u didnt celebrate the 69th bday?

  3. hi mindz! i don't know if we skipped 69, what i meant by skip was skipping the actual date, like say sept 30 bday nya pero ang lunar calendar hanggang sept 29 lang this year. Para syang na leap year hehehe.

    diba 59 yung gina-skip? 69 din ba? ^^

  4. Yeah 69 din. my dad skipped a year.. we didnt celebrate his 69th birthday instead naging 70 sya agad.. hahaha pinatanda lalo.. lol


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