Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Tattoos are cool. I want to get one. Not the one that's small and hidden, I want the big ones either stretched out at the upper portion of my back or the ones running down one shoulder all the way to the biceps. Just like the picture on this post but a bit smaller, something that won't reach pass the armpits level but a similar design would be good. My face is too smooth and silky with little traces of hair. Adding a tattoo I think would make me look meaner! What do you think?

I heard though that if you get a tattoo you would not be eligible to donate blood anymore. Although it may seem insignificant now, this could come in handy some time so I have to think this over first.

If you're looking to get one as well, a site you can go to for advices or simply to meet other people with tattoos is this Tattooed Chatrooms site. It's a site for people with tattoos to meet and chat. What better way to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of getting one than by asking those who have them already, right?

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  1. eeww, two thumbs down for that. but the glitter tattoo that i never got (in bora) would have been cool. hehe

  2. @freeze

    ngwek! a glitter tatoo's too fancy. hahaha ^^

    maybe henna would do for now.

  3. haha it looked awful actually; the "tan line" is what i'm after. :D

  4. have you heard about the luminous tattoo - that it only shows in the dark?

    also they do tattoos at the eyeballs now.

  5. @freeze

    there are better ways to get a tan line. ^^ Use a sticker hahaha

    oh yeah, i've seen that on TV. But what's the sense of getting one that can be seen only in the dark hehehe ^^

    Actually, the luminous tattoo looked good inside the clubs but i'm afraid i might be mistaken for a vampire or something. hehehe

    eyes, talaga? that's interesting. how'd they do that? wouldn't that be painful? ^^


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