Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feeling the Effects (The Yaya Diaries Continued)

This morning I had my lunch delivered at home. When I opened the container I was happy to see chicken curry on the menu! I love chicken and I love curry! However, there was no rice!

Usually, my father leaves more than enough rice for me in the morning. And since I can't finish it off, I can still eat the remaining rice for lunch. This morning though, my appetite was more than the usual (sounds like the Wow Philippines Ad ^^). I finished off everything so I was left with no rice for lunch.

Well, cooking rice is easy. I can handle that. I'm glad I found our rice bin. hehehe (^o^)/ It was the first time I saw where they put it as I barely go to the kitchen to look for anything. And the rice I made was perfect! But I had to wait for another 20 minutes before I can dig in and enjoy my chicken curry.


Last night was badminton night. My average T-shirt consumption for badminton nights is four. Last night I couldn't help but think that I should at least try and go below my average. Mainly for the fact that I know I would have to be doing the laundry on my own! You see, sweat and dry fit shirts don't actually go very well. Left overnight and it would be smelly in the morning! And worst, if not washed right away, the smell causing bacterias doesn't really go away even after several washes. So the moment the T-shirt acquires moisture, it would be smelly again. So after playing I had to wash the shirts right away. Luckily, I only consumed 2 for the night. (^^;)

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