Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Something in Common

If you haven't explored going to a gym, it can actually be a great place to meet dates. First and foremost, both of you would have something in common already and that would be keeping yourselves fit. If you guys hit it off, you can then use your gym sessions as bonding time. That would be like hitting two birds with one stone. Not only do you get the time to exercise but you can also enjoy the moment with your date.

If you're looking for your Fitness Match try this site. It's a place for fitness-minded people, who stay fit and value their health, to meet and chat. In no time, I'm sure you'll be working out with your perfect match.

The best gym I've been to are those in Japan! The gyms there are populated mostly by cute girls! Unlike here in the Philippines which are mostly populated by gurlash (if you know what i mean).

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  1. @crazydigr

    it's complicated! hahaha ginawa daw friendster ^^ well, definitely not on the gyms ... maybe some prospects in school but nothing serious for now.


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