Sunday, September 14, 2008

Roar! Rant! Only for You!

Let me hear you ROAR!

Let me hear you RANT!

I'm dedicating this page for your comments and rants. A few days back, If you've been reading the comments section of my site, you probably came across the comment "what's with all these marriage/divorce sites?", from one of you guys. Right now, I can hear a "what's with all these chat sites?!" coming soon. hehehe (^O^)/ ... m(_ _)m (gomen ne ...)

I've never seen so many offers in payperpost. Even now, 6 to 7 more are up for grabs! However, as you can see, the quality of the opportunities available for me are not that good ... hence the redundancy in posts. I'm actually surprised that I'm still able to control myself and not go for all the opportunities available. Somehow, a part of me still wants to maintain the quality of this site.

So this page is for YOU. Leave your suggestions or rants on this page (^)> Let me know what you think. (^o-)v

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  1. everyone's mum about this. hehe when there's too much that's way off topic it will definitely drive away your readers just like what happened to someone i know. :)

  2. @freeze

    it's hard to be off topic when you have a PERSONAL blog. IMO lang.


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