Saturday, September 13, 2008

Looking for Passion

It's been a while since I've taken a picture with my cam, the passion seems to have disappeared. I actually had plans of documenting the city (Davao) but I'm too lazy for now and was a bit busy with exams in school and of course, blogging (for my other sites).

Tonight, in maybe years already, was my first time to wear a polo again! Usual get up for me these days are mainly T's and polo shirts. Somehow wearing a polo feels too formal for me already.

To maximize the occasion, I grabbed the opportunity to take a portrait of myself. The last picture of me that I posted here was taken in 2006 (so far far away)! I remember seeing a picture of a known photographer with his rugged looks and his vintage typewriter (sorry I forgot his name). I took that as an inspiration and took a picture of me and my vaio. (see picture above)

And doing my imitation of Roger Federer kissing his grand slam trophies. At the same time visualizing my win for next week's tournament! (Trophy shown is the one I won in September 2006 at the China Open in Cebu. Read about it here. By the way, my partner and I are still the defending champion as that was the last year the tournament was played.)

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  1. oh yeah! it hasn't been years.
    I wore a polo when I watched Cinderella in Manila ^^ (last august lang pala hehehe)

    -photos taken using my sony ericsson phone's light feature as secondary light source lang -

  2. haha parang ego tripping ka lately a. :)

    men's o mixed? pagtyagaan ka sana ng partner mo hihi jk! win your 4th/5th gold(?) good luck!!!

  3. @freeze

    men's ^^ ang mix dito open lang. too bad!

    I think I have 2 golds,1 plastic, 1 silver, 1 trophy ... mau ra ata. ^^

  4. LOL plastic? i think i know what you meant, champ pa rin yon.

    there's a cifya tournament this
    weekend, cebu vs. manila

  5. the tourney here in davao is also this weekend sayang ... who's playing for Cebu? what's Cifya pala?

    These inter-region/city competitions are so exciting. sayang this year yung PAL wala na daw. pero I'm still not qualified to play anyway hehehe.

  6. cifya is cebu inter family youth association, but it's open to anyone. It's team based, level A - C. Many from our group joined. No need to name names, all those "buayas and u-ngo" joined. haha

  7. @freeze

    masaya team based competitions!


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