Monday, September 25, 2006


I need a break! After weeks of trying to finish my project’s detailed design specifications I was finally able to do so last Wednesday. However, the development is not yet finish so I have to change this again today. Sigh! What a way to make a design right? The code and development comes first before the design. Ideally the design should come first, but in reality, most computer programmers develop the code first before making the design. (Atleast this has been my experience working for the same employer for the past 6 years!)

I need this break! I’m applying for an MBA scholarship in Japan. Only 1 grant is available. Hopefully I’ll be that lucky guy. But before that, I have to somehow figure out how to get a good recommendation from my employer first. Another sigh! How can I make him still consider me for his future plans in the company if he already knows that I have plans of leaving the company? Well, I guess, it only poses as a problem if I intend to stay longer. (^o^) Last February, I’ve actually told him that I was planning on leaving by the end of April. I told him this so he wouldn’t send me abroad to work. I got my wish! And right now, I don’t have that much project to do (not as heavy as my previous projects anyway) but I’m still earning big (even bigger when October comes! (No, not a promotion, only an allowance increase (^.-)). Personal growth is a big factor though, I don’t think I’m growing with the company at all.

I need someone to break up with! Not so that I can break up with her … You know what I mean! Hehehe (^^;)

I’m taking a break this weekend. My friends and I are going to Bohol to join the fiesta celebration in one of my friend’s hometown. After the fiesta, we plan on spending the rest of the weekend in Panglao. I can already feel the cool breeze brushing through my face, the fine sand rubbing against my feet, the relaxing warm water across my body, and the marvelous sunset soothing my eyes and mind. This will also be my chance to put my new camera to work! And for once, I am not looking forward to the lechon! (Or could it simply be because I am not hungry now (*.*)v or because ...)

I’m breaking away from eating too much fatty foods! Ever since I stopped regular badminton play, I’ve gained 5 kilos already! I need to go back into playing or atleast the gym! I’m thinking of breaking into (Exaggerated! Hehehe ^^) boxing and wall climbing next.

I broke through! For the first time after 2 years of playing competitive badminton, I took my first gold in men’s doubles last Sunday (September 24)! Happy! Happy! Happy! (^.^)/~~ All thanks to my partner! To think that I haven’t been playing much recently, who would have thought I would win! I also joined as a last minute entry because my partner’s original partner got injured the day before the tournament. The tournament is fondly called the China Open because it’s sponsored by the Chinese embassy (no registration fee!) in celebration of China’s National Day. Although Fu Hai Feng and Cai Yun, China’s no.1 men’s doubles pair, couldn’t make it to the event, the field was still very competitive. hehehe ^^ Honestly, the tournament is only a local tournament, participated by the chinese community here in Cebu. (Yesterday was a great day for China! Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning 4 out of the 5 gold medals at stake in the recently concluded World Championships in Madrid.)

As a final note … I’d like to say that life is meant to be enjoyed. There’s no need to break for the finish line (which is death! ^^) And always remember not to break wind in public! Now, how’s that for an ice breaker?! ^^

I’m breaking the news to my boss now … got to go! (^^;)

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  1. I broke the 100th mark this week for unique accesses to my site! Thanks! - Would appreciate it if you would leave a comment from time to time ^^

  2. Congratulations for the gold! Ang galing siguro ng ka-partner mo. Hehehe.

  3. mr. pan-gan!

    grabe naman to oh! ako din magaling syempre! hahaha ... thanks for the greetings and the comments! akala ko hindi mo pa binisita site ko e. ^^
    kaw kailan darating ang gold sa tennis? ^^

  4. Good luck on your scholarship. And congratulations on the gold medal you got in badminton! :-D

  5. congrats steph! daghan na ka medals! i wonder what news you are breaking to our boss... oh well, go break it anyway.

  6. ladybug

    thanks for greetings! Do you know my sister by any chance? ^^


    thank you! they haven't given us the prize yet. Sana trophy naman this time ... hirap mag-hang ng medal ^^ hehehe

  7. Congrats Steph! more gold medals and trophies, and rackets, and cash prizes to come!

    You surely have a big chance on that japan studies.

  8. wow! ang galing2x naman! bili ka na ng medal holder uy. kasi hindi na yan sila magkakasya sa cork board mo! heheh!

    nasubukan ko din yan. mabait naman ang bossing dyan, at binigyan nya ako ng recommendation. pero ewan ko sa case mo, baka he can't afford to let you go yet! heheh

  9. Noverei

    thank you! Isa lang ang kukunin from the private sector e tapos hindi pa talaga business related course ko kaya malabo pero syempre sige pa rin and try ^^ hehehe


    thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Nasabi nga ng CMD that you asked for 1 before also. hehehe
    I hope I receive a good response from GM. He's actually prepared to let me go na. Akala niya nga hanggang November nalang ako which is the time my project is scheduled to finish. ^^ I just emailed him ... whew! took me 2 hours to compose the email in japanese. hakhakhak ^^

  10. congrats for winning the gold! laro tayo pagbalik ko...have you tried taking pics of badminton in action?

  11. drahcir!

    Nice of you to drop by ^^ I'll try to update my site every week. Yan ang target ko. ^^ Haven't tried taking those kinds of photos pa. I'm planning on taking my portrait in badminton first hehehe
    When I play kasi, I seldom go for a break! hahaha ^^

    ingat diyan sa tate!

  12. Ang daming nag-react sa pagkapanalo mo ah... i can just imagine how many will react when you do write about that "thing" you will be telling your boss. Hehe.

    Keep writing. My newsreader will be waiting for your next blogs. Hehe.

  13. good luck sa MBA app mo :) congrats sa badminton!!! and enjoy bohol. hayyy. wish i was going too.

  14. myalterego

    salamat! hali kana dito sa cebu! join us! ^^

    parang ang bigat naman ng dinadala mo! should i expect another ode-to-the-maple-tree type of poem? ^^ when your poems reach around 50 ipa-publish natin yan! ^^

    or parang 'Twisted' by JS we can just name the book My Alter Ego then publish all your blogs in there! what you think? ^^

  15. enrico!

    so you want to know ha?!
    hehehe ^^

    I think you misunderstood it a bit. hehehe

    thank you also to your newsreader!
    whoever he/she is ...

  16. My newsreader has a name... it's "Google Reader". Hehe.

  17. wow! you're always up to date!
    google reader looks interesting ... i'll try it also! This way I won't miss any new blogs my friends post ^^ thanks!

  18. UPDATE:

    I got a trophy! ^^ My 1st trophy
    (with a big diamond on top! ^^)

    someday i'll post a picture of the trophy together with my medals ^^


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