Sunday, September 14, 2008

Durian Craze

When you arrive at the Davao International Airport, you'll be greeted by this sculpture of a giant Durian with people coming out of it by Kublai Ponce Milan. A befitting sculpture for this Durian crazy land.

Coming out from the airport, it's on the left side of the parking area. It's been there since the airport started operations but it was only in my recent travels that I was able to stop and take a picture of it. It's really a nice sculpture. I suggest you stop by this sculpture and take a picture with it on your visits to Davao. It's not so easy to get really close (face to face closeness) to it though, because the sculpture is resting on top of a small hill. Aside from the airport itself, I'm making this my first official stop for tourists.

The Kadayawan has passed and the Durian season will almost be over. Although Durian came out early this year, the harvest wasn't as bountiful as last year. Lowest reported price this year was only at 40 pesos/kilo. And last week, when my friends and I went out to buy Durian it was at 70 pesos/kilo already. Compared to last year's lowest price of 25 pesos/kilo, this can be considered expensive already.

A subculture of eating Durian with Coke has sprouted in the recent years making it the official and IN thing to do. Drinking it with Coke makes you burp, releasing all that Durian essence to unsuspecting companions. hihihi (^O^)/ (I think it also helps release some of the heat you gather from eating the fruit.)

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  1. Notice a BRANCH with LEAVES on one of the people in the sculpture? I wonder what's the story behind that. It looks as though somebody puts one on it everyday or that TREE is actually growing in the sculpture.

    Look at this photo taken by my friend last March(2008). It has the same branch on it. My photo was taken around August, this year.

    Cating's photo of the Durian sculpture

  2. i miss durian! mama usually packages durians from us, freezes them and sends them to manila. stan hates the durian fruit but who cares.. hehe.. ilurveit :D

  3. @crazydigger

    yup yup! sarap talaga. ^^ especially the local variety ^^ although the aruncillo is creamier and bigger ^^

    Freezing it is also good! It becomes sort of candy-like ^^ Order ka na from your mom while meron pa ^^


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