Sunday, September 14, 2008

Getting my own Domain

A few months back, I've started contemplating on getting my own domain name and acquiring the services of a web hosting provider.

For the non-techies out there, a domain name would be something like my own address in the web, like say, If I have this registered, to access my site you would just then need to type "" in your browser's address bar and you would be connected to my site. A web host, on the otherhand, will give me memory space where I can upload my files (pages in my site) and make it available in the internet. Without a web host, my registered domain name would be useless because the internet would not know where to connect to. Did you get it?

If you search the web, it turns out there are a lot of providers out there already. And the rates of their services vary a lot. For someone like me who's not yet so familiar with all this stuff, things can get really confusing. It's a good thing that sites like web hosting rating exists. They have an extensive list of web hosting providers in the net. Also, each web hosting provider is rated not only on their price rates, hosting space, or traffic capacity but with other cool stuffs as well like whether they offer marketing bonus credits in Ad sites like Google Adwords, Bidvertizer, and Yahoo Marketing. Most of all, the site allows for user feedback from actual subscribers of these providers.

I haven't really taken this blogging thing seriously to the extent of getting my own domain name. For now, I am contented with availing of the free services that offers. This way, as long as stays alive and free for all, my site can live on forever without me having to spend a single cent. Although I want my own space in the net someday, maybe I'll reserve that for my future businesses.

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