Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Home Garden

When I stayed in Japan, I realized that I love being outdoors, enjoying nature and enjoying the sun. I miss going driving by the mountains during autumn and enjoying the picnics with friends at parks. The hanami picnics will have to be the best. That's the time when Japan's national flower, the sakura, blossoms for just a couple of weeks at the start of spring.

If I were to build my dream house, it would definitely have a majestic garden. It's an extra expense I know, but nothing really beats waking up to the serene view it offers and walking around it to enjoy the cool and fresh air. My garden would be Zen inspired. It will have Japanese looking tress, maybe even bonsai trees, a small wooden bridge (or a pathway made out of wooden planks will do), and maybe a meditation garden as well, just like the one shown in the picture above. (The picture by the way, is that of Ryouanji, the meditation rock garden in Kyoto.)

I'm also planning to build garden buildings in the middle of my Zen garden. The buildings' walls will be made out of glass so that one can enjoy the view of the garden from the inside. The place would be great for lazing around during weekends, reading books, enjoying dinner with family, or maybe even for throwing parties with family and friends. I'm thinking the experience would be exhilarating. It would be like enjoying dinner in an exclusive restaurant reserved for the night just for you and your family and friends. And best of all, nobody has to eat hurriedly and everyone can enjoy a nice conversation over sake, beer, wine, or water, whichever you prefer.

I remember one of my uncles saying that somehow food tastes better when being enjoyed outdoors, just like when you are at the beach with friends eating grilled food with your bare hands.

It so happens that here in Davao, we live in a subdivision that's not overcrowded and the air is still fresh because of all the trees surrounding us. It is very near downtown Davao but the place is still very peaceful and quiet. It looks like my dream house and garden is not that far from becoming a reality after all.

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