Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Knick Knacks!

I simply love these fish-shaped biscuits coated with chocolate here in the Philippines. This has got to be on my list of local favorites, along with Chocnut and Curly tops! The other two are purely chocolates so Knick Knacks has the edge because it can be classified under biscuits. And most of all, these local delights are not that heavy on the budget, so you can enjoy them any time. And now, it comes fortified with Vitamin A and iron as well.

I hope these don't have Melamine on them. I would be devastated if they are taken out of the market.

I can't believe that these Chinese milk manufacturers would actually add a harmful component like Melamine into their formula just so they can boost their product's protein content results.

(Looking at the packaging of Knick Knacks, it appears that the original formula actually comes from Switzerland and the product is just locally manufactured by a licensee.)

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  1. iba na ang wrapper! dati yellow ah.

    i think they are allowing melamine on food but with a certain amount limit - still frightening though. sana ibawal na lang talaga.

  2. @ellecul

    o nga! dati yellow na mumurahin lang yun hehehe ngayon red na na matibay, ndi dali mapunit ^^


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