Thursday, September 11, 2008


I haven't been this excited in a while! Ever since I came back to Davao, I haven't joined a single (local) badminton tournament! I miss the thrill! I miss the competition! I miss the excitement! I miss the adrenalin rush! But all these will be satisfied by next weekend! I just hope the depression after losing and going through all the exhaustion won't be there to greet me as well! hihihi (^O^)/

Luckily, I was able to find a new partner and I will finally be able to join a tournament again! To cap it off, Pepsi might sponsor our registration fee as well! Super win-win for me!

Drooling to get back in action!
Photo take by Allan Restauro @ Poona Club (October 2006)

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  1. nindot ang picture steph. pwede nang pang model sa badminton racket :D
    Enjoy and good luck!

  2. @shiera

    thanks shie! that was me 2 years ago. Imagine mo nalang now ... MAS POGI PA hahaha ^^

    maybe I should take another self-portrait soon ^^ hopefully with a new trophy or medal ^^


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