Thursday, September 18, 2008

Before and After: My Bedroom

The bedroom is my sanctuary. I spend most of my time in my bedroom. I like to keep it clean and clutter free but I'm just really messy. I have a tendency to keep things which I just end up throwing in the long run (junk, for short). I remember bringing a whole box of junk from Japan after my 1st year of training. My sister and mom can testify to this. I know cause I think they were a bit disappointed to see that the big box only contained my books and a lot of junk. No pasalubong (gifts) for them in there. hehehe (^o^)/

The pictures above are the BEFORE pictures of my room. Those were taken around August of 2007, a month after my return. The pictures below are the AFTER pictures taken today. How do you like it?

After one year, I'm getting bored with the layout already. But the space is quite small and I really can't move things around freely because of the size and the placement of the electrical sockets. I like remodeling my room. Somehow the new layout and atmosphere also renews my spirit. It's a great stress reliever. I'm planning to buy a sturdier metal rack soon. I hope inspiration will come so I can remodel my room again. In the mean time, I found this site with great bathroom remodeling ideas. Makes me wanna change some features in my bathroom as well. (^o^)/

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  1. for your home improvement needs, check out
    home zone's site. :D

  2. @freeze

    pasensya ka nalang kay gibayaran man ko ani ug payv dollars. hehehe
    pero good of you to put your own link for pre. ^^

  3. hi step..jz dropping by ;)
    I'd prefer blinds than curtains ;)
    suggestion lg po.

  4. @anne

    ako pud. I want the curtains changed jud pero it's hard to find one or dapat customize pa kasi hehehe. I want canvas nga e. If I can have it painted on the front with something soothing and nice that would be perfect! hay ... hehehe

  5. fengshui 101:
    your bed's placement should not be under a window, not directly opposite the door (incl door to the CR?) or mirror.

    Electronics be kept out or covered. Pics aren't supposed to be placed by the bedside since it's like a memorial(tomb).

    believe it or not. :D

    (at talagang nagpa blow up pa ng pics. haha)

  6. @freeze

    hehhee I printed the pics with my printer ^^

    with door placements i'm on the boundary.

    with electronics, can't live without them. hahaha

    as for pictures, no other place to place them ... basta hindi lang siguro sa head board ok na hehehe.


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