Thursday, September 18, 2008

Borjer Time!

"Borjer! Borjer!", the people around you loudly chants as if waiting for a respond. You, having lived abroad in the past months, is left clueless, not knowing what it means.

This is for all Filipinos out there who's missing the cheeseburger craze!

Fast good giant, McDonald's, came out with an advertisement illustrating that any time can be cheeseburger time with their low-price burgers. Since then, any significant events, like topping your Statistics exam (ahem!), are perfect moments for burger time! People chant "burger burger" to signify the occasion.

The spin-off of pronouncing it "borjer" of course, came from former Comelec chairman and ZTE-scandal main man Benjamin Abalos. During the trial, he wittingly called his own burger "Ben's Borjer" adding that Filipino-flavor to the pronounciation. This spin-off is popular among Bisaya (Visayan) speaking individuals more so because repeating the second syllable twice connotes something of sexual content. (^^;)

Check out the TV commercials below. (^o^)v

(Hands down to McDo for producing a commercial with awesome customer recall. But whether it actually translated to sales, I'm not so sure. The borjer chant has become the new signal for those who wants to be treated for a meal but it doesn't necessarily translates to eating out in McDo.)

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  1. magkano na yun burger ng mcdo? talo ba yun "kinse na lang" burger mcdo nila dati? =D. nakakagulat nga, ang mahal na lahat ng value meals ng mga fastfood sa pinas!

  2. @ellecul

    No idea for the current price kasi ndi na ako bumibili ng cheeseburger hehehe. pero if the price in the commercials are still valid it's at P39. ^^ P45 ang cheeseburger deluxe.

  3. step, i think it was burjer.. ben's burjer and not borjer..
    i had wendy's big bacon mushroom classic for lunch today and ang mahal!! P165 including tax. and hindi pa ako nabusog.. still had some noodles after. hihihi

  4. @crazydigger

    Hi! I think it was first referred to as borjer (Ben's Borjer by Inquirer). However he eventually opened a store called "Ben's Burjer" (^o^)/
    Thanks for that info Crazydigr!

    Grabe, mahal na talaga masyado dyan sa manila. I love Wendy's as well ... bacon mushroom melt forever and not to forget the walang katulad na FROSTY hehehe ^^


    I checked McDo earlier. the cheeseburger meal is around 70-80 pesos ^^ (meal = with drinks and fries)


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