Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Predators in Your Neighborhood

This is a sponsored post by Registered Sexual Predators. If you don't like sponsored post then I suggest you stop reading now, but this information may someday save you or your daughter's life so I suggest you continue reading.

The world is really going crazy and the number of sexual offenses being committed are increasing every year. That is why it is better to be prepared always. If you live in the US, you can do that by visiting the Registered Sexual Predators ( site. With the sites help, you can be informed of sexual criminals that are living in your neighborhood. This information can really be helpful. I hope we had the same one here in the Philippines.

It's sad to know though that Megan Kanka had to sacrifice her life before a federal bill, called Megan's Law, that requires that the public be kept informed of sexual predators and their whereabouts was passed. But it's a step to the right direction.

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