Monday, August 25, 2008

Stephenie Meyer's Twilight (Book & Movie) Plus Marketing Lessons

Here’s a look at Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight, the first book in her Twilight Saga series and why I think people are raving about it that even my older sister, who thought the cover to be unappealing at first, decided to buy the whole series anyway.

I wonder why people compared it to the Harry Potter series. Aside from using characters of supernatural decent, I can’t find any other resemblance. Even the introduction of a baseball game ala vampire-style, I thought, was a lame attempt in comparison to Harry Potter’s Quidditch. I doubt it that the characters would still be playing the same game in the succeeding books. However, this assessment is based only after reading the first book.

I tell you, at some point, the book will make you cringe, your grip will tighten on the book, and chapters will come flying by. I even forgot to breathe, only taking shallow breaths that my chest began to hurt. Why so you ask? Well, it’s because the whole book is all about foreplay!

It’s a story based on a development of events between the lead characters from sitting together in class, to holding hands, to hugging, and then finally kissing. What makes it unique though is that it’s a love story between a human and a vampire. My imagination just went overboard unable to fathom how something or someone can smell like my favorite chocolate and yet transcend that realm of longing driven by hunger to enter into something pleasurable and sensual as well. Whew! And for that experience alone, I don’t regret reading the book at all. This will have to be marketing lesson no. 1: Sex sells! However, I don’t encourage anyone to use sex to sell something so forget that I said this.

However, for that same experience that I felt above, I thought the ending was so anti-climactic! Definitely, it brought out the books true nature of catering to the young adults. The author didn’t even elaborate on the fight sequence, which I thought was just proper, but still it was a very lame way to end it.

Read on and click this link to see a preview of the cast and trailer of the upcoming movie, and for marketing lessons no.1 and 2.

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  1. ganun ba talaga beyond dark romance or just a pigment of your imagination? your imagination wandered off to far hehe

  2. @cobalt

    the only way for you to find out is to read it for yourself and see if it has the same effect on you ^^

  3. smalltowngirl8/26/2008 12:55 AM

    Hey there, I've just stumbled over your comment on the lex and maybe my opinion is a little help for you.
    My recommendation: Continue reading, if you also have fallen in love with Edward and Bella and the whole Cullen clan. As for the heart-wrenching, making-me-cry stuff and the pages almost flashing by too fast, I know exactly what you mean; I felt the same. Well, let me tell you this much: that SM doesn't elaborate the fight, which disappointed you, doesn't mean she won't do it in the future, know what I mean? And as for the "lame ending", in my opinion it only foreshadows what might come next, don't you think?
    I at least was eager to read the second book, New Moon, especially after the teaser at the end of Twilight. Of course you have to decide on your own, but I never regretted having read any of the series...
    Hope this helps a bit.
    Have fun reading (or not)^^
    Cya at the lex if you want to discuss some things.
    Courteously, smalltowngirl@twilightlexiconblog

  4. Hi smalltowngirl,

    thanks for leaving a comment here. appreciate it.

  5. okay ba talaga yung book? someone recommended it to me, i was kinda hesitating coz the one who recommended is a guy.. LOL eh baka kasi hindi ako maka relate hahaha :) akala ko ba mag celebrate tayo ng kadayawan? LOL where's my cheesecake???

  6. @mindy

    it's for girls, trust me. But maybe it also has a weird effect on guys hahaha. Read my post?

    i celebrated kadayawan bya. read the post before this? ikaw man ang missing in action. you said you were gonna arrange a date for me, hanggang ngayon wala pa man hahaha Don't expect me to pay for the date lang ha. pangit din kasi tingnan ang labas parang interested kana sa girl, aasa lang yan. hehehe

  7. i'd agree that the way it ended was anti-climatic but that should explain why there's a series to it.

    well, you're imagination wandered off to far haha It's a girl (point of view) recounting every lil detail. It's just flirting when there's no intention. he had no intention to take a "bite", right?

    I wonder what's Edward's point of view. :D

  8. @cobalt

    i totally don't get what your saying hehehe.

    well i guess that's the beauty of reading a book ... everyone ends up with their own imagination and interpretation ^^

  9. "Well, it’s because the whole book is all about foreplay!"

    lol! the whole series is about foreplay! :P di ko pa tapos yung book 4. got stuck with "my jacob," ayun tuloy, nairita na naman ako kay bella :P

  10. @corina

    at last! somebody's agreeing with me. hehehe ^^ I'm currently still on book 2 but I stopped at chapter 6 or 7. No motivation to read any further kasi medyo wala na ang excitement for me. Unless I'll have one of those sleepless nights again, I don't think I'd pursue reading the book anymore. hehehe

  11. @cobalt

    Now i Know where i got "pigment of my imagination"!? hahaha ^^ I used it once and my foreign friend noticed the blunder :-)

  12. after being so unimpressed and disappointed with the movies, you will have to pay me a good price to read the books.

  13. ei charm! read book 1, you won't regret it, trust me.

    I believe tHe movie failed to portray the essence of it. But it's understandable because the interesting parts in the book were the feelings and imaginations of the main characters which were easier to feel and imagine through reading but hard to act out.


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