Friday, August 01, 2008

Coffee Table Book @ 30

If you're a Flickr fan, a regular blog hopper, a youtube viewer, or a daily newspaper reader then you've probably already encountered LAGALAG: the Travelling Journal of Filipinos. The project was started by Wilfredo Pascual and involves a moleskin notebook being passed around the world to 20 different Filipinos in different locations in the world. The promotional video in youtube had the following tag lines:

Twenty Filipinos all over the worldwho have never met will share images and stories.

Ten destinations abroad.

Ten Philippine Destinations.

Los Angeles. Chicago. Houston. New York.

Ontario. London. Doha. Yokohama. Islamabad.

Bangkok. Manila. Nueva Ecija. Cebu.

Twenty ways on how Filipinos see the world.
I only heard of this when my sister introduced me to Daphne Oseña's blog and when it made the front pages in a leading newspaper this week. As it turned out, one book was not enough! A second book was circulated around the Philippines. (I wonder if Davao has a representative.) Now, both books are in the hands of Daphne, their final destination. And she's on her way to a 7-day vacation with the purpose of writing her entry in both moleskin diaries.

If only I had known of this earlier, I would have definitely applied for a spot in this historic project. Considering that I have lived abroad for 4 years and have experienced living in all the 3 major island groups of the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao), I think I would have had a great chance of getting picked. It would have made the perfect gift for my 30th as well.

Talking about the big 3-0, turning 30 has always been celebrated as a milestone. (Add another year and you'll be out in almost half of the calendar months hehehe) A cousin who hasn't been celebrating her birthday for a while threw quite an extravagant party for her 30th. A friend celebrated hers for 3 consecutive days, one for each decade as she relates. Another friend is doing 30 things for the first time before he turns 30. First on his list was speed dating. (^O^)/

All these made me realize what to do with mine. I really didn't have anything planned in particular. Although I jokingly said to a friend that I would celebrate mine the whole month of my birth month, one for each year, totalling to 30 days. hehehe (^O^) But let's face it, this is quite impossible, especially now given the fact that I'm on a low budget these days. And then out of the blue, this entry about moleskin diaries crossed my mind. "Why not make my own?!", I thought, "but with a twist!" It just so happens that I bought a scrapbook after my trip to Thailand. It's all covered and ready! I even used a special cloth I bought in Thailand to cover it. All that's waiting is for my pictures and stories! And when i counted the pages, it totalled exactly to 30! (Made me think even more that this was really meant to be - very Filipino of me I guess. hehehe).

I won't be making something similar to LAGALAG, I'm not worthy of that yet. Instead I'll be aiming at making my first coffee table book! I've always dreamt of making one. This will be the perfect time. I have no definite concepts yet as to how the final product should be but it will definitely contain the pictures i've taken and the stories i've written over the years. I'll definitely have it published like a true coffee book table even if I have to avail of a cash advance loan to do so.

Would you be interested in buying a copy?
Limited stocks available. Place your reservations now.
hehehe (^O^)v

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  1. It passed by Japan. 2 of my friend got to write on it. Hehehe. It's a flickr group with the members trying to reserve a spot on the 20 filipinos. ^_^

  2. Here's the group. And pictures of the contents can be found here as well.

  3. @meemax

    thanks for adding the link.
    swerte naman ng friends mo.

  4. in case i do miss your birthday -
    happy 30th birthday! i hope that whatever you'll do, you'll realize that it's fun and fulfilling to be 30 years old!

    the coffee table book is a really good idea! you have so much to include - your travels, multi-racial friends, multi-cultural experiences,...

  5. wow, what a project, the wonders of the internet is immeasurable.

    grabe ga plan na ka for you 30, why not treat 30 friends (incl me!) out to 30 different places.

  6. @charm

    thank you! i have a few more months before i turn 30 ^^ I'm excited about the book as well. Although I'm not aiming to make money out of it. Just maybe, it will be big for me. hehehe ^^ *fingers crossed*


    sabi na ngang low budget e. hehehe
    i prefer the coffee table book idea. That way I can showcase my work as well. I might prepare an ebook as well and sell it for a cheaper price. hehehe

  7. paid link lang diay sa tumoy! haha. anyway, i'd like to reserve a free copy of the coffee table book.

  8. galeng galeng naman sumegway ng paid post... :)

  9. @ceblogger

    napa-comment din kayo! hehehe
    natuwa ang sponsor sa akin hehehe ...
    it made be sponsored pero the content
    is true naman.

    wala ng free. ndi na uso ang free. hehehe


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