Thursday, July 31, 2008

Faith and Money

Can one be rich and still be faithful?

The answer is yes, definitely.

Sadly though, for most Catholic Filipinos, faith and money are treated as opposites. Most still believe that having a lot of money is going against the will of God. Poor religious leaders earn better respect than well-to-do preachers. And wealthy servants of God are continuously criticized for not sharing enough of their wealth. Maybe it has something to do with the beatitude that says "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of God." Or it could be due to that story about Jesus and the rich man who when asked to sell all his possessions and give them to the poor couldn't quite do so even if it was for entering the kingdom of God. Somehow people have been conditioned that the easiest way to enter the kingdom of God was to be poor. People therefore are choosing to be poor, whether it be consciously or subconsciously.

Bo Sanchez, a catholic preacher in the Philippines, was no different once in his life. He was poor and he was proud of it. And he believed that saving money was having a lack of trust in God among others. However, he believes this no longer.

Now he believes that "for many people, unless there's financial freedom, there can be no real freedom in their life." He knows that money can't buy happiness but it can buy freedom. And now, he strives to earn not so that he can be ugly rich, but more so to be able to help a lot more people.

In line with his new vision, he has written books about being truly rich. He is organizing seminars on personal finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship, helping Filipinos take a step further to financial freedom.

After all, there is nothing wrong with earning and saving your money. I believe it is the eventual attachment to money that destroys our spirit. But we are intelligent beings, if we will it enough, there is no attachment we cannot control or stop from developing.

In Bo's latest blog entry (, he encourages everyone to be entrepreneurs. However, you take it, you are the CEO of your personal finances so better learn to manage your finances now!

My objective for next year would be to become an entrepreneur. I've tried trading a few times last year and was able to earn a decent amount out of it but I'm postponing that for now for family reasons. I am looking to establishing my own business. I don't mind if I fail at first as long as I learn from the process. If I don't have enough finances, I can always avail of fast cash payday loans. Not every loan is bad for you. If what you plan to do with the money produces a revenue greater than that of the loan's interest rate then who would have effectively started out something using someone else's money. In this new field that I'm entering, I hope someone who can help and guide me will come along.

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