Saturday, July 05, 2008

Wimbledon: Serena or Venus

Classes have started a couple of weeks back but it was my first time to attend my Business Statistics class this afternoon. We were discussing probability this afternoon and the teacher got my attention when he asked "What's the probability of a Williams winning Wimbledon?", to my delight I answered with a loud "1oo%!" He nods in agreement but upon discussing further, we joked around and said that it may not really be a hundred because anything can still happen before the game starts, like maybe they'll fail a drug test or eat something bad. Don't get me wrong, I don't want anything bad to happen to Williamses. And I'm as excited as you to see them battle it out again in center court. I just wonder what the tournament rules are if both players can't make it to the finals. Will those who lost in the semifinals take their spot?

One fact that holds true is, whoever wins tonight, the Williamses win. The sisters are also playing in the Ladies' doubles final later in the night against Lisa Raymond (USA) and Samantha Stosur (AUS).
30 minutes and counting 'til game time ... ! Game starts 9pm (Philippines time).


Update: Venus wins in straight sets, 7-5 6-4. High quality thrilling tennis all through out the match. I think the sisters really bring out the best in each other. A little bit of sibling rivalry going on, I think (^^;)


Update2: Serena and Venus team up to win the Ladies' doubles (6-2 6-2) as well. Big sister Venus delivering on her promise to work even harder for the doubles because Serena deserves a trophy as well. (^O^)v

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  1. my friend L just got lucky, she went to watch the wimbledon, saw Federer and Nadal's semi's games and pushing her luck to get tickets for tonight's finals. envious? ;P

  2. @freeze

    o jud, sige lang, my time will come hehehe ^^ Pero the semis game were not so interesting hihihi ^^


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