Tuesday, July 01, 2008


No, I'm not trying to introduce my site or myself to you again but, definitely, I am saying


'Coz you know what,

they say it all starts with One Hello.

Love, that is, it begins with one Hello.

(Play soundtrack!) nyahahaha (^O^)v

Come to think of it, a lot of things start with a simple hello. Friendships, business dealings/partnerships, and maybe even LOVE for that matter. So open yourself, smile, and greet everyone you meet with a warm hello. (^O^)/~~ (... and the hardest part will be over ...)


If you haven't seen the movie "When Love Begins" go see it! I've heard mix reviews about it, from different generations. I found it to be a refreshing love story, without the usual howling and melodramatic flares. And the lines were actually quite witty, delivered in Taglish (Tagalog-English), which we're very reminiscent of Sharon Cuneta's early movies.

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  1. am i missing a story behind this post? :D

  2. @ciara

    maybe only the fact that I watched the movie a couple of days back hehehe

  3. when love begins ... just looking at the site, it looks like a 'may-december' love affair. is this something you can relate to?

    i think aga is too old for anne curtis, and too old for this kind'a movie... but really, i have not seen the movie.

  4. @charm

    watch it (buy or download it) hehehe ^^

    the story line is perfect for them. mid 30s something si aga then early 20s si anne. ^^ parang story mo! ^^
    pero sila met in bora kayo in Japan hehehe

  5. mao diay!:) gets ko na. hehehe. i find it odd that you enjoyed that movie. hehehe

  6. hello! lol :P na-download ko na ang movie phen but havent watched it pa.. :)

  7. @cating

    maybe partly bcoz anne is every guy's dream girl? hehehe

    uncomplicated love. does this make sense to you? hehehe


    watch it and tell me what you think and I'll tell you your generation hahaha ^^

  8. I never thought men also enjoy this kind of movie...

  9. @sandier pastures

    hi G! we do, secretly. hehehe
    btaw, it all started in Japan and all the free time there hehehe ^^

    I learned to appreciate everything pinoy in Japan ^^

  10. actually, i was asking YOU, if YOU can relate to the 'may-december' lovestory?

    i know I can...

  11. what's a may-december lovestory charm? something that starts in May and ends in December? ^^

    Maybe if you changed December to a couple more months? hehehe ^^

  12. anne was the only reason why i watched the whole movie. if she wasn't so hot, i would've walked out. hehehe.

    may love ba na uncomplicated? hmmmm... i have yet to experience that. hehehe

  13. @cating

    hehehe ^^ don't know what I'm saying either hahaha ^^

    my poll says that girls around your age doesn't like the movie. +-4 from you okay man. hahaha ^^

  14. chick flick trip ha...hehehe.

    musta na steph?

  15. @anne

    thanks for dropping by! ok man ko. you? ur in Benguet? nag-unsa ka diha?


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