Friday, July 25, 2008

What's Wrong?

What's wrong? I don't know.

I'm having a series of sleepless/restless nights. I'm wide awake 'til around 5am in the morning and when I try to sleep, my mind still keeps working and I just can't get any decent sleep. Even the tried and tested method of counting numbers doesn't work anymore. What's weird is around 9-10pm every night, I'm dead asleep in our living room while watching TV or resting after a game of badminton. However by 11pm at night I'm alive and kicking again! It doesn't matter how tired I am. The moment I try to sleep pass 11pm my mind revs up as if it was on Energizer batteries. So I toss and turn in bed, restless the whole night through.

This brought me to decide not to sleep early morning today. I'm hoping that this will fix my sleeping hours.


I have been reading a lot of articles in the internet recently. I can't believe the countless opportunities and endless libraries of information available. I realize I have been under using my internet connection! Hence, my mind working endlessly, trying to absorb all the information and figuring out possible applications. However, everything is just thought, as usual. Getting myself to act has always been the hardest part.

Dig this. In 2007,
  • 11,789 Americans
  • 6,114 Japanese
  • 1,267 Australians
were engaged, married, or "was in a relationship (partnership)" with a Filipino. This is the statistical profile as reported in the Commission on Filipinos Overseas website ( You can also download a Handbook for Overseas Filipinos from the site. Something I never knew existed even after having worked abroad for 4 years.


Sometimes people pretend to be not in the know, when in fact they really know what's causing their problems and what needs to be done to solve these. Why is knowing not enough to bring someone to action?

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  1. it's a challenge to face what you know but a struggle to face what is unknown ;)

    oversleeping ka lng siguro. hehe seriously, avoid lying down during the day and take iron for a good night sleep :)

    Be free to discover.

  2. i think it's my lifestyle in general. have to change lifestyle jud. ^^

    but I was able to sleep yesterday from 8pm to 3am. Then I did some work 'til around 8am then slept again hehehe ^^

  3. hahaha! ganyan din ako! dami ata iniisip kaya ganyan or baka nahahawa ka na sa akin :P

    tama ba yung statistics mo? kasali ata ako dun ah.. hahaha :)

  4. @mindy!

    oo, tama yan. i got it from the CFO site the government ^^ Pero I think they must have surveyed OFWs only so plus 1 dapat yan. Which nationality man e-plus natin? ^^


Thank you.

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