Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Equality on the Tennis Courts

Men vs. Women

Equality among men and women have long been a standing issue. Over the years, I believe the situation has gone better with women in society getting better treatments. Of course, women are never satisfied. (Which sidetracks me to Roberto Cavalli's flirtatious question for Miss Mexico at the Miss Universe 2008 Pageant, "When is a woman truly satisfied?") (Peace to all women out there! (^o^)v) And it is no different on the tennis courts. Women players, spearheaded by the great Billie Jean King, have been clamoring for equal prize money between the men's and women's tournaments. And a couple years back , they exactly just got that.

While watching ACE, Star Sports' Tennis Magazine Show, last night, a feature on the finer details of equality made me smile. Here's the financial earnings report of reigning Wimbledon Champions Rafael Nadal and Venus Williams compared.
                    Rafael Nadal     Venus Williams
Earnings (Pounds) 750,000 850,000 (Singles + Doubles)
Minutes on Court 1114 1029
Earnings/Minute ~673 ~826

I guess it's now the men's turn to feel aggrieved! hehehe ^^ Rafael Nadal spent more minutes on the court but earned less compared to Venus Williams! (Side note: It's not bad to be a tennis player no? Spoken with a Rafa-like accent)

I think issues on equality among men and women will never end. The world is, was, and never will be equal. However, even after having said that, I guess what's really important is learning how to treat everyone fairly.

Read more on what Jon Henderson has to say at The Observer.

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  1. hi sunjun,
    i think that equality between men and women will never happen(well, atleast in general).
    stealing the concept of ms. venezuela, men and women are just different so they must have their own strengths and weaknesses.
    but i want men and women to have equal chances and opportunities - which i believe is now gradually happening. cheers! =)

  2. @ellecul

    Hi L! ^^
    tama jud na. dapat equal chances and opportunities for everyone ^^ so I say NO to all female dorms hahaha ^^
    thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. first time right? ^^

  3. :D hehehe dapat lahat parang kalayaan dorm na lang no? ...

    hai, first timer po... salamat din sa pagbisita sa blog ko! =)

  4. @ellecul

    hihihi ^^ added your blog to google reader na. watch out! parate na ako bibisita dun. hehehe


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