Monday, July 14, 2008

My First Car

My sister got her first car when she finished her 1st degree in college. She was around 21 years old then. I got my first car at the age of 25 years old! And it wasn’t easy at all; my parents only gave in after endless prodding and guilt tripping from me.

When they finally agreed to buy me a car, I decided that anything will do. I wasn't really involved that much in the buying process. They chose the brand, type, and model. However, they did confirm with me if I like it or not. They also asked my choice of color. That was the extent of my car buying experience. I consciously didn't try and object to anything they decided so as not to change their good spending mood. I was happy to have any car anyway.

I wonder though how it would be to buy a car on your own. The dodge dealerships in san diego promises to take your buying experience to the next level. I would love to experience that. I'll definitely buy my own car the next time. I bet you'll feel the same high like when you shop for expensive gifts for yourself.

Just to make things clear, I'm not really particular about what age my sister and I got our first cars; I just used that to my advantage. And the real reason for the delay was because I went to Japan to work right after graduation and was out of the country the whole time. (^O-)v I'm really spoilt to the max, I know, but I'm not proud of it. I am, however, very thankful that I have parents who can provide me with such luxuries.

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  1. I got my first car uhmmm...does a conjugal property car count? ;-)

    I like your hot red Nissan!

  2. @sandier pastures

    of course it counts! ^^ hot red was color of they year for cars in 2004, the year i bought my car. It was a good thing that I chose a good color but then again, a lot of other people started buying the same color as well. makes you lose your uniqueness hehehe ^^

    thanks sandier pastures ^^

  3. all along i thought that's your hard earned car. hehe lucky you, we never get that concession.

  4. @freeze

    you guys have all the cars you need! may driver pa hehehe ^^
    aw, you mean getting to choose the color? hahaha no big deal really. hihihi If I chose black, I don't think they'd agree anyway. hehehe (not so safe to drive a dark colored vehicle on the poorly lit streets of the phils.) ^^

  5. haha no, not the color ;P

  6. @freeze
    i don't believe you hahaha ^^
    you don't have transpo problems anyway hihihi

  7. mmm.. I will get my first car around 10 years from now? wahhh.. i hope

  8. aim sooner hehehe ^^ pero a car is not really essential, it's not an asset as it depreciates! might be good enough to get even just a second hand car. and get one that's fuel efficient, gasoline prices are too high already. so unpractical to go on joy rides na. hehehe

  9. Yes, I agree! You are:
    1) spioled
    2) lucky

    LOL! :)

  10. @mindy
    wrong spelling wrong! wahahaha ^^ not counted ^^

  11. @mindy ... adding to that ... i have to say that i create my own luck as well ... hardwork does payoff ^^


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