Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Growing Vermicelli

At the dinner table, after everyone has had their share of peaches ...

Mom: “I’m growing vermicellis.”

Me: “What?”

Mom: “Vermicellis!”

Me: “You are growing Sotanghon?! Bihon?!

Mom: “Yup!”

Me (Spontaneously): “Huh? Sotanghon is not a plant?

How can you grow them?"

Mom: “Earthworms ba!”

“They sell for 90 pesos / kilo now as natural fertilizers.”

Mom: “Oh, I think it might be vermi only.”

Me: “Vermicelli and Vermi are not the same.”

Mom: “They’re both vermi! That makes them the same.”

Toinks .. (^O^)v

This is definitely another ‘Me and My Mom Moment’ that is worth a post! After the conversation she goes to her room and hands me the magazine where she read about it. She was referring to vermicast which is actually “vermi compost” or better known as “worm compost”. It is the end result after earthworms have broken down organic matter.

According to my online dictionary, “vermicelli” actually literally means “little worms”. The pasta was named as such because they resembled worms! Yeew! (I can't pronounce this word correctly by the way, so as the words "paksiw" and "aliw") I guess my mom was right all along. Hahaha ^^ I pray that God give me the wisdom to understand her more without having to consult an encyclopedia. (^^;)


Talking about earthworms, after going on a 10 day vacation, an unexpected surprise greeted me home. My Dill plant was wilting to death with only one stalk left that’s still green. I tried searching for the problem and found out that baby earthworms were nibbling on its roots! Further investigation revealed that underneath there were more earthworms! This time not so baby at all! I dug them all out for fear that my other herb plants would go next. Then like a kid, I fed the earthworms to the nesting bird in our backyard. (^^;) I haven’t even used that dill on any dish yet! Grrrr …

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  1. Worms..ewwww. i can't stand feet-less and handless creatures like worms and snakes!! Your mom is brave.:-)

    By the way, what is the purpose of growing earthworms? Don't tell me people sell it in the market to make food!? DON'T TELL ME!

  2. oi! can you bring some here? seriously! That is what Bee Farm is using to fertilize their organic veggies.

    The parsley i got died, but the basil are growing.

  3. @grace

    you grow the earthworms for their poo-poo hehehe ^^ their poo-poo makes a good fertilizer daw. hindi pa oil and chemical based. hahaha


    ngek! it's only 1 pot for now. hahaha not even a kilo yet. I have 2 parsleys na, one kato round ang leaf the other italian ata hihihi
    the basil has stopped growing and nagproduce ng flowers na. tiny ones.

  4. this post cracked me up! i pray for you too, that God grant you wisdom ... but let me applaud you for i think you handle your mommy graciously.

    good luck will your endeavors - with your herbs and the worms!

  5. @charlotte

    thank you! believe me, i don't do it graciously hahaha ^^


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