Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stares & Ehems (Monkeys!)

Added a picture indicating where the monkeys are ... (My hands are a bit shaky ... not so good with Photoshop yet) ^^


Ever felt someone's stare at you? Ever heard someone clear his throat producing the sound "ehem" directed towards you? These are a couple of ways how we, Filipinos, show our displeasure about something without really being confrontational. These are used in situations like when someone tries to go ahead of you and cuts in line, when someone evades your personal space or privacy, or when preferential treatment is given to feeling VIPs.

The question is "Is our message getting across?"


I get close to a hundred stares everyday. It happens when I enter my BATHROOM!
See below ...

These are the tiles in my bathroom. Notice anything? Let me give you a closer picture.

See anything yet? I get the stares from these tiles! But I don't mind, cause I love my MONKEYS! Yes, you read right, I have monkeys in my bathroom!


a little creepy, I know. hehehe ^^


Just when I thought summer has finally arrived (this week was really hot), it started raining again this afternoon! My plants are happy and I am cooled once more. Planning to go to new beaches this summer! Can't wait!

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  1. new beaches in davao?! meron ba? :) hopefully i can go home soon!

  2. wa lagi ko kita sa monkeys:( hehehe.

  3. hi jen!
    yup in Mati hehehe ^^

    lisud ba pangitaon? sige i'll
    edit it hihihi try looking at the picture from afar ^^

  4. you're imagining things, stephen! hehehe.

  5. sixth sense? Or sleepless nights? Hehe you are seeings things!

  6. @enrico

    ndi mo ba nakita? ^^


    it's a natural gift hahaha ^^
    btaw, it happened one lazy day in the bathroom. hihihi

  7. stefi you have too much time on your hands... hehehe... :D

  8. hi chepot!

    baka nga hahaha ^^ just trying to get by each day ^^


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