Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bloody RED

“Exclusive Moments” got beaten by “Bloody Red” (I sound so British! ^^) for phrase of that day. Five days ago, I was bloody red inside and out.

On that night, we got treated to a rib-eye steak and lamb chops dinner. Look how bloody it is! Enjoyed mine medium-well (just as a special friend taught me).

Before I used to think that steak can only be served rare, medium rare, or well done. But now that I got introduced to medium well, I simply love it! No disgusting red juices flowing out from the steak once cut, but still tender enough for my teeth. ^^

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  1. Make mine Well Done :D

  2. @hoop

    try medium well bai, it's good as well ^^ just cover the remaining streak of blood with gravy hahaha ^^


    it sure was! and most of all, it was FREE! had 1 serving of lamb chops, 1 1/2 serving of rib-eye steak! 1 slice of cake pa talaga! wahahaha

    after that, I slept right there and then at my uncle's couch hihihi ^^

  3. COOKING TIP from my uncle:

    Steaks should be turned over only once. Heat one side until top portion is warm to the touch (it starts to release water as well).

    sound advice as all steaks he made turned out really delicious!

    turning it over just once also preserves the grill pattern on the steak which makes it look more appetizing ^^

  4. @cating

    beh! sa masuya lang hehehe ^^
    ikaw gani kung asa asa gakaon pero wala lang picture sa food wahahaha ^^

  5. may steak din ba pagbisita namin diyan? hehehe! =)

  6. madami steak ^^
    libre ka ha ^^

  7. waaahhhh... naglaway ko dah! giduka unta ko pero nakamata ko ani na picture...
    lamia ani oi!

    and... nice avatar steph!

    by the way, about sa question nimo... wala ra ba ko kabantay ato. sige lang kay kung makalaag ko balik didto.. ako tan-awn.

    oist.. when man ka muari? mag reunion na pud! :D

  8. @shiera

    thanks shie! happy to have waken you up hehehe ^^ bawal na matulog, jap company bya ka hehehe ^^

    Have you seen the movie Gung Ho? lingaw au kay about jap company in america hehehe ^^ download nya hehehe ^^

    End of Feb (29 to march 4) to malamang makaadto diha ^^ see yah!

  9. i actually argued with Gene that it's medium rare not medium well. tama diay mi pareho. and yes, medium well is the best!

  10. @anonymous

    hehehe ^^ kani man gud mga chef daghan kuti hehehe ^^

  11. ka lami a ani step oi...RED WINE for this...yumyum

  12. hehehe RED WINE ... sosi hihihi ^^
    napapa-atching ako sa red wine e hihihi


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