Thursday, March 13, 2008

My First AVP!

3rd time in a span of just 8 months playing host to friends visiting Davao! I love having them over but it can get quite stressful. This time, I caught the flu right after.

Achong lent me her video cam for my school project. I grabbed the opportunity and brought it along while touring around Davao. The result: my own AVP!

I had a lot of problems using Windows Movie Maker though. It took me until 5am in the morning just to export the file. It kept stopping midway for unknown reasons! Anyone who knows of a better software (preferably free), please inform me.

Achong, Thanks so much for the video cam! I had a lot of FUN with it. Hope to borrow it again someday.

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  1. galeng galeng talaga! :D
    post ko din sya sa blog ko ha.
    proud ako sa work mo eh..

  2. thanks che, NP with regards to posting in your blog. The more the merrier ^^

    sobrang gusto ko yung kuha mo sa hammock ^^

  3. nice work, steph! pwede na ka full time photo and videographer.

  4. ...and it took me sooooo long also to play it. my dsl connection was so slow :(

    i finally viewed it cz 5am na...the network is not that bz.

    nice tep (^.^) (^.^)

    huhuhuh...PEARL FARM...ikitai ikitai.

  5. hi novz!

    some photos (maybe most) were actually taken by my friend (jongster) ^^

    it's fun to take photos and do AVPs for people you care about. I don't think I'd be able to enjoy it if I do it everyday though hehehe ^^ It's just a cool avenue to express my artistic side as well, for now ^^ (Before I used to paint / draw but my skills are below par ^^)

    sorry for that! 30MB kasi ang video. It takes a while jud. the original i made was 60MB! glad i changed it ^^
    I tried compiling to less than 10MB pero the quality was not so good so I had to send it to the recycle bin hihihi

    thanks to all of you ^^

  6. boss. ganda! galing! pasakay kami sa cable ha. saan pala yun.
    imovie gamit ko. saka yung video mode lang ng digicam.

  7. @anonymous!
    pakilala ka naman hehehe ^^ elly?
    sa Eden yung zip line. 150 per person ^^ Meron sa kapatagan digos, longest daw, bago naka superman ka ^^

    imovie mas maganda ang quality pero limited masyado ang video na pwede ma upload. tapos minsan mabigat din daw sa PC pero syempre mas ok kesa WMM hehehe ^^ Pang windows hanap ko. Meron ba imovie for windows? ^^

  8. galing steph! i love the audio too, makes the video a lot more fun!


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