Friday, July 27, 2007

Mama's Quotable Quotes: Liposuction

July 26, 2007
At our store, after lunch hours …

Mama, running out of topics for chit-chat, intensely stares at my face.

“Pen!” she endearingly calls for my attention.

“Why don’t you get a liposuction? …”

A bubble appears above my head with the word: “HUH?”

She gestures, touching the skin below her eyes near the bridge.

“… for your NOSE. ‘Coz it looks fat!”


Wanna judge for yourself? Click

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  1. @shiera

    hehehe ^^ sleep na ta shie! hehhee ^^ thanks 4 dropping by ^^ (early pa ko tom ba hahaha)

  2. hahah! i agree! :D peace steph! :D

  3. steph, you are so brave to share this! best regards to your mom!

  4. WAHAHAHAHAHA I think that's not called liposuction hahahaha :)

  5. you should know that MOTHERs KNOWs BEST :D bwehehehehehe...

  6. @romsil

    hahaha ... I agree pud but I don't think it looks odd hehehe ^^ and it looks better than my sister's hehehe ^^


    hehehe ^^ I get a lot of this from my mom day to day ... before I used to get irritated with my mom very fast ... now I've learned how to turn it into comedy hehehe ^^

    hahaha ^^ yup yup ^^

  7. @maia

    hehehe ^^ making it more funny hehehe ^^

  8. Hi Stephen! You've been tagged. ;-) See it here:

  9. hi steph! ma-shock man kos imo mom! =)

  10. hi rose!

    hehehe ^^ shock man jud ... hihihi ^^ mother's know best daw bya hahaha ^^

  11. I am tagging you steph but no pressure! (wink-wink)

  12. @charlotte

    dili lang ko hehehe ^^ basi mapatay ko ... you can read more about my mom (my family) in my 2nd blog post entitled "Family Portrait" just search the archives. sorry gitamad ko mag link hehehe ^^

    I'll try to post more anecdotes about her in the future ^^

    thanks for tagging me ^^

  13. katuwa naman mama mo. hahaha..

    uy darating na si carol dito today...

    at nabasa ko approved na EPEC mo.
    nice. so see you in october na ba tlg?

  14. hi chepotski! ngayon mo lang nabasa to? yah! nauna pa si carol sa akin dyan :)

    papalit-palit pa plano ko. dito nalang siguro ako davao 4 now. yoko na mag work e. baka aral ulit ako then sideline2x sa negosyo dito sa davao ^^ Pero gusto ko bumisita dyan! waaaah!
    when would be a good time sa tingin mo? December? ^^

    saan mo pala nabasa na OK na epec ko? ^^ yup, I have d certificate na ^^

  15. hay sarap kasi maging BUM no? Yan din ang ultimate dream ko... hehehe...

    Usap kayo nila garcia at ronoel when to visit here. the more the merrier. Open na yung new rides sa KL tower. Inaantay na tayo hehehe...

    Nabasa ko yung EPEC mo sa bloghopping mondays post. :)

  16. @chepot!

    masarap maging BUm pero super draining din! nakakawala ng confidence sa sarili hehehe ^^

    gusto ko e try yung GMAX sa clarke quay! wahahaha ^^


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