Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blog Hopping Mondays!

This site received 41 hits last Monday (July 23). Compared with my average hits of 13 on weekends, I’d say Monday is the official blog hopping day! (^^;) Guess, people still hate working on Mondays wehehehe (That’s my new laugh! Can I get this patented? Wehihihi ^^ ) This makes me want to come up with a post every Monday.


September, my target date to start working again, is drawing near. I’d surely miss all my free time now! Really thought I’d be bored to hell by now but on the contrary I’m enjoying my vacation very much! So far, my application for an Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC) for Singapore has been approved. Question is, do I really still want to work again?

In the meantime, my August calendar is fully booked! Wow! I’ve never been this busy before. Wehehehehe ^^

Tomorrow I start waking up early (7am). Let’s see where this leads … ( a little bit of suspense)

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  1. singapore! not bad ... good luck to you!

    i hope you enjoy your 'vacation' some more!

  2. parang pag nagcha-chat kami ni MeemaX, nakikita ko ring ginagamit nya ang "Wehehehe". Hehe.

  3. hey steph!

    try statcounter for tracking page hits. cool kaayo. not like easycounter, ang dami info na pwede ma-dig. :) yeah, i switched! :D

  4. @charlotte



    wehehehe ^^ marami na nga gumagamit din hihihi ^^


    ok, thanks for the tip.
    for now, ok pa ako with my easy counter and fc2 hehehe ^^

  5. still unsuccessful with your voluntary 7am wake up time wehihihi :) when pa kaha na....

  6. @maia

    hehehe got me! hahaha ^^
    I'm getting there! yesterday i woke up 7:30am ^^ (lets make use of the snooze para naman ndi nya maisip na wala na siyang silbe hehehe )

  7. wow! sing! im sure you'll enjoy working there :)


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