Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Update (July 11, 2007):
  • Edited link to Enrico Pangan's Page
  • Added a new friend to the tagged list
Dwight the man tagged me! So here goes...

Each player starts with 7 random habits or facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names.

7 Random Habits or Facts about Sunjun
  1. TAGGED: Hate it.
    It’s not the kind of blogs I want to post in my site.
    It feels good to be tagged though, knowing that somebody cares and wants to get to know you more, thanks Dwighty!
  2. BLOG IDOLS: Enrico Pangan and Hoop Addict!
    Enrico has been blogging way before the term “blog” has been coiled. I like the way he writes. His site encouraged me to create my own. Hopefully, this will encourage him to write more (… personal posts ^^ hihihi)!
    Hoop Addict is a basketball fan, as you all may have guessed from his name already. But I was never into basketball so I ignore those posts hehehe ^^. However, I can’t get enough of his wit and humor in anecdotes about his son and his recent entry into fatherhood. ^^

  3. NGSB CLUB: A member no longer!
    It’s taken me 28 years to be officially excommunicated from this club. About time, I say.

  4. SPORTS: Can’t live without it!
    At the recently concluded Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships, I predicted that Venus Williams and Roger Federer will win even a week before the finals. If my luck continues on, I may just win 2 round trip tickets to London for next year’s championships! *fingers crossed*

  5. BORED
    I’m bored with my current profession. Need to change profession or try out a different field.

  6. JAPAN
    Living in Japan for 4 years changed my perspective in life. Used to be a spoiled brat, now, I’m just a brat who likes to be spoiled.

  7. LIFE: Loving It.
    I have my share of ups and downs but I love life in general and I’m trying to live it to the fullest. Losing 2 friends this year, who were just around my age, has been really sad. I think that life has been the greatest gift my parents ever gave to me.

Enrico Pangan
Hoop Addict
BibeNiJongster ( You got your link! hehehe ^^)
Kenneth (Chronicles of a Disturbed Mind)

You've been tagged! ^^

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  1. Clicking my name takes you to Hoop Addict's site. Hehe.

  2. hala sorry!'s fault hehehe ^^

    i'll revise it asap ^^

  3. did you say NGSB club? i'm sure you won't regret leaving that club.

  4. NGSB..

    hehehe, the club that once you leave you can NEVER return...FOREVER!

  5. @novz

    really? speaking from experience? hehehe


    hey! yup yup! tama jud ka hehehe ^^
    is there a club after this? hehehe

  6. hahaha... salamat! busy pa ako. sa weekend ko na gagawin to. :)

  7. hehe cge go :) himuon sad nako over the weekend :)

  8. NBGSB? ngayon ko lang narinig yan a. pero di ka nga makakabalik. unless ipanganak ka ulit. nyahaha...

  9. @anonymous

    naigai ka dati? d ko gets hehehe ^^

  10. di mo ba gets. tagal na kasi nun.
    eto pa. hindi kami napatira sa shanboro.

  11. @anonymous!

    sabi ko na nga ba familiar yung naigai e! hehehe ^^ yan ba yung housing sa likod ng hokudai? hehehe ^^ pa suspense suspense ka pa! hirap manghula! hehehe ^^ pero i bet ikaw yung nasa new york ngayon hahaha ^^

    kayo lang ata ang ndi nag shanboro e ^^

  12. tama po kayo. pero naigai ang malayo sa hokudai. masmalapit sa bahay mo dati. gakuen mai exit kami.
    o sya. blog ka pa. kelan ka ba pakita dito.

  13. @anonymous

    wag ka na kasi mag pa anonymous hehehe ^^ o yeah! now i remember! hehehe ^^ ganda dun! may elevator pa ^^


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