Friday, July 06, 2007

Junkie ME

Looking through some old stuff, I found one interesting card. The card was still very stiff, probably laminated not only once but twice! And it had my picture on it! I’m a certified “junkie”, as my lovely friend, M, would call me. I buy and hold on to a lot of stuff that are not really of any value except for their memorability. That’s why it was devastating to hear that most of our old photo albums were eaten by termites in my uncle’s basement storage room. Luckily, this one survived! Thanks to double lamination! (It pays to be an *OC, yeah!)

The fact that I still have the card, either I never got to go on any dates or I got lots of kisses! (^.-)v


*OC = obsessive compulsive


With this blogging rate, guess I should change my introduction to “Visit ME every 2 weeks for updates!” hehehe ^^

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  1. Ouch!, might be a good idea to scan all those old family pictures before something else happens to them :D

  2. exactly! that's what i'm trying to do now. hehehe ^^

    thanks hoop!

  3. stefi! oo nga! similar post tayo galing! hehehe...

  4. I wonder why you ever had that card...? :p

  5. @chepot!

    let's compare again next time hehehe ^^


    syempre pang chicks hehehe ^^
    thought it was something unique and interesting so i bought it ^^

  6. mao ra gihapon imong dagway! ^-^

  7. @shiera

    wa ko kasabot shie! hehehe ^^ in reference to my headshot, d card, o ang pagiging junkie? hehehe ^^

  8. just dropping by!

    the card is interesting! looks like you were still 6 years old then and yet you were already collecting dates and kisses... hmmm

    take care!

  9. @charlotte!

    thanks 4 dropping by!
    pero ikaw hindi ka talaga naka-collect sa akin noh? hehehe

    i guess mayabang pa rin ako til
    now hahaha ^^

    miss you guys!

  10. can't comprehend why would someone get something like this?! hehehe

    i'm a junkie myself, keeping whatever i can; but hope to get rid of those clutter someday.

  11. @cobalt

    babae man gud ka hehehe ^^

  12. kacool sad ana nga card uy, hehe. naa sad dapat ko daghan card nga ing-ana tas ako dayon ikalat all over osaka, hehehe.

  13. @raneil

    chick magnet man ka! you dont need the card hehehe ^^

  14. Really? I must be sooo lucky, I have that same card in my wallet. Never thought, I could finally find you here on the net. I am planning to go to Davao to see you....

    ...Kidding...nice blog Sun Jun, you remind me of a friend in Baguio whom we nicknamed Sun Jun as well.


    Thanks for dropping by! Glad you liked my blog ^^


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