Friday, September 14, 2007

The NEXT Rice Magnate

Here comes the next rice magnate!

Duties are as follows:

  • Office hour starts at 11am. Just in time for lunch! Still used to coming to the office late after working on flex time for 7 years. Suffice to say that I wasn’t able to keep my promise of waking up at 7am. A week after trying to wake up early, I ended up with a terrible cold that still isn’t completely gone even after 3 weeks now. (My parents are at the office by 7am ^^)
  • Confuse clients as to why a male voice is now answering the phone! I’ve had customers hang up on me without responding at all.
  • Secure the cash counter while the cashier is taking his regular lunch time siesta. Not to forget watching Pilipinas, Game KNB? and reading the newspaper on the side.
  • Ahmmm … entertain a few customers with my personality and charm? Hahaha ^^
  • And not to forget, the most important of ALL, I get to choose what we’re having for our 3pm snack!

The Next Magnate @ work! (^^;)

One step closer, one more step to go. ^^

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  1. seems like you're having fun. he he...

  2. yey! new entry!
    hayahaya's kinabuhi oi! super-flex time ^0^

  3. @novz

    yup ^^ super fun pero walay sweldo! hahaha ^^

    yey pud! dugay au before nakasulat again hahaha ^^ hayahaya ba?
    usahay ... usahay kapoy pud kay puro sermon hahaha ^^

  4. that was soo funny! pwede makahangyo sa presyo Sir? :D

  5. @romsil

    basta ikaw suki! hahaha ^^

  6. wow! ka-nice ba sa life i-step!

  7. accchhhhuuuusssss!!!

    in-ana jud na ang kinabuhi sa datu!


    pa advertise na lagi para mosamot ug ka datu! :-D

  8. @rose

    nice pud rose pero kapoy pud usahay. hehehe ^^ dukaon ko sa office ba pag mga 4pm na hahaha ^^


    kaw ni arceline? hehehe ^^
    dili mi datu uy! tama-tama ra.
    sige nya! isip nya ug nindot nga
    ad para mag pa yellow pages dayun ko sa imo hahaha ^^

  9. hmm... what's the next step, step?

  10. @freeze

    ambot ^^ hahaha ^^
    sounds better lang than
    "atleast i'm one step closer"

  11. may opening ba kayo??? pwede ako tagabuhat ng kaban...hehehe!

  12. @anonymous

    meron opening ... apply ka!
    pero wala man kami kaban kaban ...
    lapit lang ng banko e. hehehe
    1 min. walk lang ^^

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. haaaaay... to be your own boss... suya ko :)

  15. @kenneth ^^

    musta na bai? if only i'm running the business na jud okay unta ... under pa man ko ako mama and papa hehehe ^^

    nya wala pa koy sweldo hihihi ^^

  16. when's the next post? :)

  17. @maia

    hahaha ^^ bored naka hulat?
    wait lang ... drained na ang creative juices e. hehehe


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