Saturday, April 14, 2007

April Sky

Morning Sky Over Davao

April 4, 2007
On board the plane to Davao City, Philippines

The 1st of April has long passed but the month has never ceased fooling around me. Not only is my current employer making me laugh (in both senses of the phrase ^^), but my blog sites seem to be ganging up on me as well. If you’re looking for the usual blog article, you can find it here (April’s Start).

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  1. Anu na naman ginawa sa yo ng current employer mo?

  2. wow! cool hiphop new rico! hehe ^^
    orange na orange pa talaga ^^

    have you read the article on the link?

  3. nice bai... makes me think of buying a REAL camera :D

  4. thanks ken! if ever, you might want to check out mayer photo in quiapo (u can order through phone then they send it through dhl).
    Mas cheaper jud ila baligya bai. I was able to save around 6k.

  5. mao ba? pyter! naa ka contact details sa ila? unsa nga camera imo napalit didto? :)

  6. nice pics Sunjun...

  7. @kinit

    Canon 350D bai ... i lost the contact details. mangutana sa ko usab then inform you ^^

    thanks 4 dropping by!

    thanks! parang ayoko ma feature sa site mo hehehe


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