Thursday, May 17, 2007

3 Weeks and counting

It's been 3 weeks since I resigned from my 1st job. 7 years after graduation, and only this time did I think to move on. ^^

Cooking my own lunch, washing the plates, watching tv, exercising, reading books, playing badminton, going to the beach, and not having to think about work and the responsibilities that come with it has been fun! But I have to admit, at times it gets boring.

The only thing I regret though is not having ready access to the internet! (^^;) Hence the delay in my blog updates, sorry for that. Thanks to Cafe Miro, here in Lahug, not only do they have great cakes and pastries but free Wifi as well! At one time, I sat by the stairs outside the shop, way after closing hours just so I can check my emails. hehehe

Moving has been cumbersome. A lot of things need to be sent back home and appliances need to be sold. Planning on taking an adventure with my car the 1st week of June. My friends and I are going on a land trip to Davao! Can't wait for that day to come!

Recent events got me acquainted with my uncle who has rejoined the family only a couple of years back. Rejoined in what way, you say? He was given away when he was young and so most of us didn't know he existed until recently. He's been living in Cebu all along! Looking forward to having dinner with his family.


Check out BPI's latest TV commercial.
(I just love the concept, especially the blown candle on the birthday cake ^^)
Stop talking about the future.

Stop studying the possibilities.
Stop exploring all options.
Stop weighing the odds.
Stop waiting for the perfect time.
Stop wishing.

Let' Begin! ^^

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  1. Wow you finally quit... were you the last one of your batch to leave?... Good luck in your next line of work.. what is it btw?

    You'll enjoy the Cagayan to Davao route of the land trip :D

  2. Are you leaving cebu?
    ingat and enjoy your land trip. ^-^

  3. kainggit naman!! hehehe... sarap wala job...

    hey after you are done with your petiks there sa pinas come back here in SG ha! looking forward na ako sa pagpunta nyo nila rono :)

  4. @hoop

    thanks bai! haven't decided what to do next yet hehe. for now, I'm enjoying my vacation. Hope to see you in Davao. Meron pa natira isa sa batch namin. ^^


    yupyup ... scheduled departure date is 1st week of june ^^ dili pa sure kung mubalik pa diri sometime after ^^


    ako rin excited na! kaso gusto pumunta ni rono agad agad! huhuhu parang gusto ko around august pa if ever hehe


  5. ahhh freedom... suya ko da :)

  6. @kinit!

    hehehe ^^
    freedom nga pero walang income wehehe

    sorry it took me so long, here are the contact nos. of mayer photo


  7. i liked the new bpi tv ad... kewl!!!!

  8. diba nice! hehehe
    glad you liked it ...

  9. hey! love ur blogs especially this one! :)

  10. @mindy!

    salamat mindz ^^
    wa pa jud ta magkita diri davao heeheh ^^


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