Friday, March 30, 2007

Double Treat (?!)

No creative juices flowing lately … must be plugged by worries from work, family, and the future. Meanwhile, I try my luck on a photo contest. Wish me luck!

7 Years After

Who would have thought? Barely surviving and always wondering then how life would be after college, here we are 7 years after, in Kuala Lumpur, reunited. Next time, we hope the group would be complete (miss you guys!).

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The New Promise Land

Breathtakingly beautiful and with a booming economy, throngs of filipino engineers flock to this new promise land, Singapore. (As it turns out, not only IT people are migrating ^^)

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  1. yey! nana pud bag-ong post!
    nindot au ang mga pics!

    grabeh steph... after wow!Philippines... wow!Asia na pud ka.... bongga! ^0^

  2. Yeah, took so long to write a new one. haha ^^

    wow philippines gihapon! hehe ^^

    side trip lang to singapore and malaysia kamau kana ... ^^

    uy! BT mi diha ... libre niya ha! ^^

  3. daming out of the country ha? d ko alam to..haha^^kaw ha? quiet lng ka..haha..nice pics steph..nice night shots..did you use a tripod on those? and enjoy ur trip ka lng always, ha? haha^^

    goodluck on the photo contest..inform me asap the results^^ =)

  4. Hi Paul!

    thanks for dropping by! no tripod on these shots. ang bigat nung tripod ko e. tinatamad akong dalhin. hehe ^^ some are actually shaky ^^

    will update you on the photo contest. ^^ kapag may update na from the sponsor ^^

    salamat ulit.


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